An Overview of the Neighborhood

One of the best places near Austin is called Lake Travis. If you have not been there, it is close to Mansfield Dam and the Colorado River. People that visit can enjoy themselves, and many of them are visitors, yet residents of Central Texas also common. You will experience over 200 miles of shoreline which is very close to a reservoir.

You are no more than 30 minutes from Austin, specifically the downtown area, and this will allow you to see scenic views and rolling hills. It is the ideal location for people that want to live where there will be waterscapes, yet they will not be that far from the city itself. Waterfront views are really identifiable with luxury units. Lake Travis Homes can cost as much as a couple million dollars.

There are many things that you can do such as swimming, renting a boat, or even going on a zip line adventure… there are just so many activities that friends and family can do. The real estate that is there is based upon smaller neighborhoods, luxury estates, communities that have been planned, and you can also see plenty of Hill County as well. People that live your also enjoy playing golf, enjoying local entertainment, fine dining, shopping, and water parks.

These are just a few of the many popular areas within this community:


Close to Lake Austin, which is also near Lake Travis, there are a total of 4600 homes in this region. You are close to the Greenbelt, parks, and also wildlife habitats. People that enjoy nature will be very close to their home if they live there.


At almost 2000 acres, this community has many different amenities. There are places where it is divided up into six sections and almost 20 neighborhoods. This is called Rough Hollow, and it has many different amenities. You can take part in the yacht club, and also visit Highland Village, which will also have its own amenities to experience.


There are multiple master planned community locations close to Lago Vista in Texas, and one place is called Lakeside Tessera. The amenities and recreational areas are fun to enjoy plus you will not be that far from the city itself. There are plenty of amenities for those that live there. Lakeside Tessera has many homes that were built at a very reasonable cost, and many of the builders and designers are among the best in the world.


Near Texas Hill country, which is also close to Lake Austin and Travis, you are just about 12 miles from the city of Austin. The neighborhoods are designed for young families, and also retirees, that enjoy this type of lifestyle. Lake Pointe will give you access to golf courses, parks, pools, beaches, and many other amenities. There are also restaurants and shopping areas. Cost for homes in this area are about $400,000 and they can be as large as over 3000 ft.².

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