Job Snapshot

Safely drive the clean F550 truck from the yard to the client’s home (CDL not required, only need a regular drivers license). Greet the homeowner or contractor. Maneuver the truck into the delivery spot. Press a button to lower the sunburst-yellow container. Be friendly. Visit with the client for a few minutes and take a photo. Next, depart to the next home. Secure the tarp on top of the container. Use the truck’s button to pick up a previously delivered container. Drive back to the yard. Press the button to empty the clean sunburst-yellow container. Repeat.   


Preferred Qualifications

  * Strong moral ethics, values and character.

  * Punctual, organized, and time efficient to keep deliveries on schedule.

  * History of a safe driving record, is courteous on the road, and places safety first.  

  * Comfortably, confidently and courteously drive a F550 truck around Austin.

  * Good at delivering high quality customer service.  

  * Good communicator, pleasant and courteous.

  * Service oriented, who likes working with people, enjoys engaging with clients.

  * Confident, optimistic and enthusiastic.

  * Problem solver, can find solutions with a “can do” attitude.

  * Friendly and has a positive attitude.

  * Effective work habits and is accurate

  * Pleasant in person and courteous in telephone manners.

  * Able to follow automatic navigation system directions to locate the destination.


Top 3 Signs this IS the right job for you

   * You love to feel like you made someone’s day by going above and beyond.

   * You keep your promises. When problems arise, you don’t stop until you solve it.

   * You’re happy driving 8-10 hours a day and are confident in your ability to maneuver a pickup truck in tight spaces.

Top 3 Signs this is NOT the right job for you

   * You aren’t fit enough to safely climb up and put a tarp on a 6-7 foot tall container.

   * You don’t have a cheerful problem solving attitude.

   * You don’t find it essential to have a clean presence and high personal hygiene.                       

About Dumposaurus

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