turp-austin-park-dumpster-streetPlacing a roll off dumpster in Austin streets depends on your municipality’s regulations.

If allowed to place a Austin dumpster on public property, often a permit is required along with associated fees. The process to get a Right of Way permit can be drawn out and challenging. In almost all cases we have experienced, you can set the dumpster on your private property.  The good news is that our dumpsters have a efficient footprint.  Meaning, we take up less space on the ground than to almost all other waste management and trash removal companies.

If you need to fit the roll off container into a tight sloped space, we can do it. Our 5-yard dumpster will even fit in townhouses and downtown communities where no parking is available. However, if you do require the rolloff rental to be placed on the street, here is how to go about getting the right permit:

TURP (Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit).

First, get the permit complete before ordering your dumpster rental in Cedar Park. Dumposaurus cannot park the trash container on public property without this permit.

Second, most common short term permit costs for rolloff garbage dumpsters are a $45 application fee paid to the City of Austin (COA), while long term permits are usually priced around $145. You will probably need “hauler bond” which we supply saying that we are a licensed and insured trash removal company with the City of Austin.

Third, the city requires you to put up a barricade and or reflective tape on all sides of the construction dumpster to avoid traffic accidents.

Contact information for buying the TURP at City of Austin Right of Way Management: 505 Barton Springs. You can visit them Monday-Friday 8:00am – 1:00pm and walk into their office. Or Call the office at 512-974-7180.

If your project site is located outside of the City of Austin, call your city and ask about their process and requirements for acquiring a TURP (Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit) for a rolloff bin. They will be glad to direct you to the right government officials who can help you with getting the proper permit.

At Dumposaurus two of our core values are “think safety first” and “protect and preserve the blessing” which means helping you understand how to protect yourself and others from potential safety and legal issues related to having a garbage collection container on the street.

Once you have steps 1, 2, and 3 complete, call Dumposaurus at 512-774-5666 to arrange for delivery of your rolloff rental.  

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