Austin’s Urban Farming Trends

Most Austin residents have heard of farming. This is a concept that will bring up imagery of enormous flat fields that are inundated with crops. However, you don’t have to be in a rural area in order to do farming today.

Austins Urban Farming Trends

In fact, there are many businesses and individuals in Austin that focus on what is called urban farming. Although this has been done for decades, the trend of doing urban farming is on the rise. People in the cities are finding new ways to incorporate agricultural hobbies even in the most limited spaces. Here are some of the most current urban farming trends that you may want to consider.

What Exactly Is Urban Farming?

An urban farming endeavor is nothing more than growing food in or outside of an urban dwelling with the express purpose of selling it to the public. This could be done at your home, your apartment, or at the top of the building. The objective is to create an affordable and sustainable way to get access to healthy produce. This can even be accomplished on a balcony, vacant lot, and is often done on a community basis at local parks. If this is something that you would like to do, you may be able to find places where you can join in. Alternatively, you can also start to do this on your own with your limited available space.

How Could You Start One Of These Community Enterprises in Austin?

If you are new to producing produce that you can sell, you may want to join a local group that is doing this every day. You can see how they set things up, and compare that to the space that you have available, so that you can create your own profitable urban farming business. You will want to focus on the production of the crops, how to process them, and find out ways of distributing what you are producing. There are always going to be customers that are looking for vegetables that are grown organically, and this could become a very profitable endeavor.

Advanced Urban Farming Strategies

It is important to consider what competition you have right now. For example, if there are many people growing a certain type of popular vegetable, you may not be able to compete with them. Additionally, start to reach out to members of the local community. Find out what types of vegetables they are currently wanting to purchase. Finally, do the numbers and figure out how much this will cost to start up. From there, determine how much money you could potentially make with your urban garden. All of these factors will allow you to become profitable if you stick with your plan to become successful with your urban farming project.

Urban farming is very easy to do if you take the time to plan a course of action. Simply determine what types of vegetables you should grow that people actually want to buy. Once you have done that, think about the amount of space that you have, and how much cash you have to invest into this project. If it works out on paper, you will likely have a profitable business.

Additionally, you may want to consider clearing out an area on your property. This may require renting a dumpster. There are multiple businesses in your area that can accommodate this request. Once it is cleaned up, you can start your business after looking at the current urban farming trends.

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