At Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental, each year we deliver containers to hundreds of contractors, homeowners, and building owners in the central TX area.   Many of our prospective customers have educated themselves on our thoughts and beliefs (from this website) on everything about waste management. They frequently ask us who are some of the other bin rental companies and competitors we have around the Hill Country.

As always, we are big on being transparent, and blatantly honest about our competition. Why? We want our clients to be well informed so they can make the best possible decision.


Here is a brief history of some of the roll-off dumpster companies in Central Texas:

I am friends with most of these guys, so I won’t share any Soprano’s style Mafia story, only an interesting history.


Captain Hook started, was sold around 2014 to Francis Hester.


Central Waste & Recycling started by Michael Mnion. He recently sold part of his company to a giant Australian company.

Atex Dumpsters founded by Dan Felts.


One of Atex’s drivers Michael (Anonymous) quit, and opened a significantly similar company whose name will remain Anonymous per Michael’s request.

Anonymous Dumpsters recently hired the landfill manager Steve and one of the roll-off sales guys from Waste Connections. Waste Connections was previously known as Progressive Waste, and IESI (nobody knows what IESI stands for).

The non-compete ended for Tom Reilly, the founder of Vaquero Waste, and he started R-3 Disposal. He recently sold R3 to Central Waste. R-3 had a spin-off called R-4 Roll-offs. Ha! And more recently Tom sold his company to Central Waste and became an executive there.

Joshua Belcher, who used to own Heart of Texas Demolition, started Rubbish Pod (renamed later to Rubbish Inc because P.O.D.S. said no can do). He partnered up with Harvey Vaughn, a marketing guy. 

I, Shawn Mansur bought the Bin There Dump That franchise.

This was a big mistake for many reasons. Working with a Canadian franchisor with a socialistic system, was not very American. I was very successful, but had to fight the franchisor every step of the way in order to keep what I earned. They wanted me to give nearly everything I earned to the other franchisee in town. Yes, its true. Why?

I only had the east of IH-35 territory. Another guy had everything west. West was where most all my contractor friends worked exclusively. Where most all the calls I got from my marketing came in. So literally for every 30 dumpsters I rented, I was supposed to give 90% of them to the other guy. In return he would give me 1-2 dumpsters. Not fair. He offered to sell me his business, but was asking Unicorn money. 

My fellow franchisee, who was trying to get out of the business had a prospective buyer ride with him for a few weeks. The prospective buyer decided to pass because the franchisee had a crazy asking price. Instead, the prospective buyer, Jeff Beneski start Austin Dumpster Service. Smart move for Jeff. Very smart.


I met this bold guy named Sal Bartone at BMC. He said, “oh you are Shawn Mansur!? BTDT!? What you have been doing is great! And Violet is so nice!” I thanked him, but then my jaw dropped when he said, “and I’m going to copy you and start my own dumpster service.” I didn’t know how to respond to that, but later pops up Austin’s A-Team

My fellow franchisee was successful at getting a buyer for his business – Colter Williamson and Keaton Pandya.

The comical thing is the franchisee had two different buyers at the same time. One buyer, Ronald Wood got dumped and started his own company. Can you guess the name? Bin Dumped. Ron exited that company but is back as WeDump.  He has a sense of humor for sure.

Anyway, the new franchisee and I had lots of conflict. I brought in the large majority of the sales, and he expected me to give them to him because of the franchise. I didn’t see a good future there, so I sold to him in Jan 2017. And a few months later his investor Keaton Pandya and he parted ways. 


Joshua Belcher, the part-owner of Rubbish Inc, sold to his partner and JD Rebold. Joshua apparently didn’t have a non-compete and he started GrimeTime with the owner of Longhorn Truck Leasing. 


Finally my non compete expired. I am back in the business as Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental.

Bet you didn’t know all that!? There are many more bin rental companies around Austin, but these are the guys who you will see around. Besides, of course, the big companies like Texas Disposal Systems, Waste Management (Republic Services), Waste Connections, United Site Services, Recon, River City Rolloffs, Central Texas Refuse, and some of the others.

Like I said, no Soprano’s mafia story that I’m brave enough to talk about. But hopefully you enjoyed this history of garbage collection around Austin TX

The main dumpster companies include:

Captain Hook, Central Waste & Recycling, Atex Dumpsters, Anonymous Dumpsters, Waste Connections, Progressive Waste, IESI, Vaquero Waste, R-3 Disposal, R-4 Rolloffs, Heart of Texas Demolition, Rubbish Inc, Bin There Dump That, Austin Dumpster Service, Austin’s A-Team, Grime Time, Texas Disposal Systems, Waste Management, Republic Services, United Site Services, River City Rolloffs, Recon, Central Texas Refuse, Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental

Here is what to do next, before you rent, read this!