Create a Checklist to Clean a Hoarder’s House

Cleaning can be very therapeutic for some, but others might find themselves in a deeper mess than they bargained for. This is often called hoarding. Hoarders have accumulated a number of items in piles all over their homes. This can be anything from items they purchased over time, garbage, items they inherited, or a mix of these. When you are having to clean a house that has hoards of items in it, you need to pace yourself. Call on a dumpster rental in Austin and get your gloves on, it is time to start clearing the house out.

Step 1: Choose an Area

Choosing an area to clean first. Usually, you can start in a corner of a large room, or choose a small room to clean first. It doesn’t have to go by what is easiest or hardest. Having a small area to start with, and then moving to the next will help you feel more accomplished. You will see a change and want to keep going with the clean up process.

Step 2: Section the Items

Separate the items into groups. You can have a trash bag that all of the trash goes into, keep bins, and even donation bins. Having these items separated can make the process go much quicker than not having piles at all. This might take a bit longer to sort through, but you can give the person time to decide what they want to keep.

Step 3: Deep Clean

Once everything is cleaned up and removed from the home, you will need to go through and deep clean the house. Cleaning the counters, appliances, toilets, and more can help to sanitize and clean up the house. You can also do repairs that might be needed during this time now that you can see them.

Tips for Furthering the Cleaning Process

You want to keep safe during the cleanup. You may find rodents and their droppings, sharp objects, or other dangerous items along the way. Protecting yourself, including face masks, can help you reduce the chances of getting harmed in the process.

Keep the heirlooms, things close to your heart, and the basic necessities. It is important that you have the right tools, but know that a lot of times this cannot happen overnight. You need to pace yourself and take the process step by step. You also need to keep the hoarder involved in the cleanup process so they can take note, realize the issue, and hopefully reduce the chances of having them do this again.

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