Real Estate In Downtown Austin

Austin is known for having some of the most unique neighborhoods with a widely diverse industry. Downtown Austin is filled with rich culture, creativity, and people who love the upbeat lifestyle and the entire surrounding is filled with tons of outdoor activities, posh restaurants, and awesome bars.

Downtown Austin is filled with memorable activities for you and your friends to enjoy. So if you’re interested in diving into the rich history, you can visit the Bob Bullock Museum, and if you prefer to dip into the culture, or even experience some of the best BBQ in your life, Austin is filled with it all.

The urban living scene is heavily influenced by residents and with the continued rise of developments, the downtown infrastructure has been reshaped to suit. The Downtown Austin area is filled with several condos. These include the Austin 360 Condos, The Austonian, and The Five Fifty-Five Residences. So before you can get to having your very own, it’s best to call in a realtor to find the best option for you.

Downtown Austin used to be the hippest college town and was drastically transformed to be one of the most self-sufficient and dynamic cities across the US. If you’re planning on relocating with your family, Austin has plenty in store for you. So read on as we dive into the different condos in Downtown Austin!

The Austonian

The Austonian is known as being the second tallest in Austin and stands at a whopping 683 feet. The Austonian is home to 56 floors and 188 units. Each unit comes with specially designed smart tech.

Owners get the option to fall in love with a state-of-the-art touch panel that controls the lights, the room temperature, and the music in each room. They even get their very own valet service that is available on a 24-hour basis. If you’re a dog owner, you can take your furry pal to the 10th floor and visit the dog walking park.

If you’re looking to get away on your own or with friends, the 55th floor has it’s own clubhouse that spans 6000 square feet. At the Austonian, there’s nothing that you can’t do or experience.

Austin 360 Condos

In it’s earlier reign the 360 Condos used to be the tallest. It consists of over 400 units and 44 floors. Residents can experience premium entertainment on the 9th floor with BBQ pits, the most modern pool with cabanas, and both indoor and outdoor screens for your pleasure.

If you’re interested in authentic food, you’re just in luck because the building is completely surrounded by restaurants. You’ll be able to dine at the Garridos Mexican Restaurant, the Wine Bar, the Mulberry, and the Blue Cafe and Lounge. You can even enjoy the Austin Music Hall and La Zona Rona. Condos at 360 Condos start at $200000 and can easily go all the way up to $1M plus.

The Independent

If you’re looking for the ultimate skyscraper, The Independent is the one for you. The Independent is located at the corner of 3rd Street and West Avenue and stands as the tallest in Austin. The Independent is a whopping 690 ft and has over 370 units which span across 58 floors.

The unique structure has gotten the nickname the Tetris Building and stands out, unlike many others. At times it’s even been called the Jenga Tower. The Independent offers its residents a set of stunning features that span over 20000 square feet. If you didn’t already know, all of the amenities can be found on a full two levels of the building.

Residents are free to enjoy lounging by a warm fireplace, swimming, and even movie night at the in-home theater.

The Shore Austin

Located in Downtown Austin in Rainey Street is The Shore Austin. The building stands at just 22 stories and is filled with luxury from one corner to the other. However, there are 192 units that were developed by Trammell Crow and built by WDG Architecture. The Shore Austin was finished during the year 2008 and offers its residents some of the most stunning views of the skyline and the country.

Moving To Downtown Austin

The Downtown Austin area can be thought of as being filled with dining experiences, entertainment and condo living. While it might be expensive to live there, there’s a ton of business districts that are filled with restaurants, condos to rent, or live and apartments.

However, due to the large population, traffic is something that takes time adjusting to and it can be overwhelming for some. Regardless, there are a lot of neat locations to hang out as well as endless activities to participate in. So whether you’re interested in the food, the culture, the music, or the outdoor, Downtown Austin has got it all and it can be your new home!

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