There isn’t much worse than getting in your car to head out for work, driving down your driveway, and seeing trash strewn about your yard and the street from an animal tearing into a trash bag. Not only will the garbage company not pick up the bag that’s been ripped, but you have to go outside and clean up the mess that the animals have made of your yard.

If this has become an ongoing problem in your neighborhood, there are a few things you can do to eliminate the problem. Consider taking these steps to prevent animals from disturbing your trash:

Garbage Collection in Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill TX
Garbage Collection in Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill TX

Keep Lids on Cedar Park Trash Bins

If your goal is to keep animals from disturbing your trash, it’s important to secure your trash can lids. When you put your trash cans out for garbage collection in Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill and Williamson County TX, take a few extra moments to secure them with their existing latches or additional flexible cords. This will make it far more difficult for animals to get into your garbage and make a mess of the neighborhood.

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Limit Food Waste in the Cedar Park Trash

Individuals who frequently have issues with animals breaking into their trash may find that they have a better experience if they limit the amount of food that they throw away in the first place. This may mean utilizing their home’s garbage disposal, starting a vermicompost bin at home, or using a community garden’s compost program. Limiting the food in your trash will make it less attractive to neighborhood invaders.

Use a Correctly Sized Dumpster in Cedar Park

When you put out your trash for garbage collection in Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill and Williamson County TX, don’t make the mistake of using too small of a can. If you use a can that is overly small and pile it too high, it’s difficult to close the lid correctly and then animals can break in and rip the bags to steal trash. Instead, select a can that is the right size for the amount of trash your home puts out each week, and purchase more than one if necessary. Then you can be sure that the lids are on the cans each week to keep out unwelcome visitors.

Double Bag Your Trash

If you’ll be putting out trash that is especially smelly or that has a large amount of old food in it, there are several things you could consider doing to mitigate the risk of animals ripping open the bags. Double bagging the trash will help. You may also want to try freezing the food first, or putting mothballs in the trash bags as many animals do not like their scent.

If you’re tired of animals making a giant mess out of your trash, consider trying the steps above. You may find that these small changes make a dramatic difference in the frustration you experience and that your yard stays much cleaner on trash day. Limit the amount of picking up you have to do after neighborhood wildlife by using the right sized can, double bagging your trash, and making sure to put a tight lid on your trash each week.

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