Situated a bit south of the area where Highway 183 and Highway 45 meet, Anderson Mill is comprised of roughly 15,000 households. Set to the north of the neighborhood itself, residents and visitors will find Lakeline Mall. Also included in the neighborhood is a variety of parks, recreational facilities, golf courses, dining options, and more.

Most of the homes in this area were constructed around 1980 and range in size from small to moderate, typically from 1,300 to 2,500 square feet in most cases. Those moving into or out of an Anderson Mill home may find themselves with a surprising amount of trash that needs handling, and fortunately, roll off dumpster service can also be had in this very user-friendly community.

Key Features

A solidly middle class enclave, Anderson Mill is in close proximity to a range of shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities in the northwest part of Austin. Lakeline Mall is a sizable shopping destination that offers more than 150 stores as well as its own movie theater. There are numerous chain restaurants near the mall as well as several big box stores and large-scale groceries.

Conveniently located in the area are the Avery Ranch Golf Club and the Balcones Country Club. Among the parks on offer is Old Stage Park, which boasts a dog run as well as its own tennis courts. There is a swimming pool located in the area as well as a small, yet comprehensive fitness club. For those who wish to branch out when it comes to exercise, there are also a number of commercial chain health clubs in the vicinity.

Anderson Mill is located near a number of high-tech firms in the north Austin area and is also not a long drive from downtown. Most residents of the area work in professional, sales, management and service jobs. That is not to say, however, that the area does not have its share of DIY aficionados, and luckily for such individuals, roll off dumpster service is just a phone call away, making even large projects a breeze.