Located in the far northwest of Austin, Avery Ranch is a planned community and one of the fastest-developing areas of the town, and of the entire country for that matter. Counting 4,000 homes spread over an area of 1,800 acres, Avery Ranch is one of the biggest neighborhoods, and it offers a wide range of homes and amenities. The carefully landscaped backyards, the scenic views of the countryside and the large windows are among the most common features of these properties.

The five community centers, the many biking and hiking trails, the golf club and the swimming pool are only a few of the amenities that attract more and more people to choose Avery Ranch as their next home. Since it is only a 20 minutes’ commute away from Austin, this community offers its residents quick access to a wide array of jobs in high-tech industries and not only. There’s no wonder Avery Ranch is growing at such a fast pace.

This rapid growth requires proper waste management, as many homeowners need to dispose of huge amounts of remodeling and constructions debris and seek to hire dumpsters to get rid of their trash.


The development of the Avery Ranch neighborhood started back in the beginning of the 2000 the far northwest area of Austin, close to highways and the high-tech development center in north Austin.

This community offers a wealth of amenities such as volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, an outdoor amphitheater and a swimming pool. The five community centers attract lots of new residents each and every year.

The hiking and biking trails between Cedar Park and Round Rock, the neighborhood lake, as well as the other lakes in the area make this neighborhood extremely attractive to a wide variety of people who seek for a new place to call their home.

The 18-hole, 226 acre Avery Ranch Golf Club attracts many lovers of this sport. Even the Avid Golfer magazine rated it as one of the top golf courses in the country. Its amenities, its carefully thought design and its clubhouse are among the best in their class.

Everything looks good in the Avery Ranch neighborhood. Even when people renovate their homes or build new ones, they take care not to disturb their neighbors. A well-designed system of dumpster rentals helps them get rid of constructions debris and other trash in a non-polluting and safe manner.

Avery Ranch Real Estate

Avery Ranch is home to a wide variety of home styles and sizes. You’ll find here luxury townhouses, one bedroom condos and many other types of homes in-between these two. Whatever your budget, you’ll find your ideal home here. If you’ve already found it and you need a helping hand with finding the right dumpster for your renovation works, call us now to get a custom quote.