Grandview Hills, that is located off of Hwy. 620 and 2222, and very close to Lake Travis, is a designed community. This community was set up in the 1980s and construction continued into the mid-2000s. Its location within Texas hill country gives the neighborhood excellent views of Lake Travis and the hills.

Among the amenities available in the neighborhood are a community pool and two parks for children. There a number of restaurants in the vicinity. A short drive away are two shopping malls.

Grandview Hills TX Features

A planned community, Grandview Hills in the hill country is located conveniently near to dining, shopping, and the facilities for recreation that you have on Lake Travis. The development of this section of the neighborhood started in the 1980s, and the construction in the newest section started in 2004.

Grandview Hills is a relatively small community that is quiet and secluded that offers besides a convenient location, family amenities, beautiful natural scenery, and abundant green space. It is adjacent to two major West Austin thoroughfares, Hwy. 2222 and 620, and this provides access to the western neighborhoods and the city of Austin.

Family-friendly recreation is what is offered by Waterton Parke and Muir Parke, the two local parks. You will find a neighborhood swimming pool in Waterton Parke. Cross Hwy. 620 and you get to Four Points center, a commercial site spread over 333 acres, and which has a supermarket, shopping mall, restaurants, Target, a gym, medical offices, Home shopping mall, and leased office space. A 15-minute drive away is the Lakeline Mall.

Besides these neighborhood amenities, you are a five-minute drive away from Lake Travis that offers facilities for camping, picnicking, boating, and fishing. Just built in the neighborhood, is a new elementary school, while the residents can also access other schools that are located in the Leander school district, one that is highly regarded. The new campus in the area is Concordia University.

There is a wide range of homes that are of areas between 3000 to 4000 square feet. Prices can start from $200K and go up to $1 million, depending on location and size.

Apartments and Real Estate in Grandview Hills TX

Even though the community is relatively new and has a good location, homes in Grandview Hills are priced reasonably. The average selling price was $400K, while homes were sold for prices between $200K and $700K. Most homes were below $200K though a few were priced more than $1 million. Buyers will have soon more options, as there are plans in the future for building high-end condominiums.