How Do You Get Around in Hyde Park Austin, TX?

House buyers can use alternative means of transportation in Hyde Park. The location of most homes for sale in this neighborhood is close to several businesses, making it easy to carry out daily needs on foot. Love traveling by foot? This neighborhood is conducive to you. The bicycling infrastructure in Hyde Park is good. That is why cycling is popular. There are a few nearby bus lines in Hyde Park, but the public transit system is good. Another good mode of transportation in this part of Austin is driving. It is easy to find parking. And most real estate listings are close to the highway.

Are there Dumpster Rentals in Hyde Park?

Yes, it is easy to find dumpster rentals that suit your needs. You can rent them from one the best local Austin roll off dumpster services.

Buy a Home in Hyde Park

Attached and single-family homes are mostly found in Hyde Park. The urban growth in the city of Austin has led to an increase in attached homes, condos, and apartment buildings in neighborhoods like Hyde Park. Almost all the streets in Hyde Park are residential. Therefore, there are so many housing options in this neighborhood. Also, single-family homes and condos are more prominent.

What are the Popular Types of Housing in Hyde Park?

Single detached homes in Hyde Park are around 40% of buildings. And the remaining housing stock is mostly made up of large apartment buildings. One bedroom and two bedroom homes primarily compose this neighborhood. Owners occupy 30% of the units in this part of Austin and 70% are occupied by renters. Around 45% of homes in this neighborhood were built pre-1960, and most of the remaining homes were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s.

House Sales in Hyde Park

Homebuyers can choose from several designs in the community of Hyde Park. Attached homes are the most common design in this neighborhood. The yearly taxes of attached homes are between $2,504 to $16,328 and the homeowner association fees range from $110 to $350. A variety of single-family homes are also available. The homeowners association fees of these homes range from $110 to $350 and the yearly taxes are between $5,933 to $18,420.

How Life is Like in Hyde Park?

Homebuyers, looking for a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, will enjoy this neighborhood. Hyde Park has greenery because the streets are lined with several trees. Residents can check out the very well-situated few green spaces. And it is easy to reach these green spaces within Hyde Park. The streets in this neighborhood are calm, so the neighborhood is quiet.

Weekend Fun in Hyde Park

The best place to end your weekend is at the Elisabet Ney Museum, which is in the heart of Hyde Park. It is a free museum, and there are over 50 works from the sculptor in this museum.

There is a two-acre Shipe Neighborhood Park across the street. It contains open lawns for picnicking, a playground and wading pools for children, and athletic fields and courts. And the best place to end the day is at cafes and restaurants near this neighborhood.

Hyde Park is quiet on a Friday night because it is a residential neighborhood. Luckily, there are busier neighborhoods near Hyde Park, and it is easy to travel to these neighborhoods. In the University District, there is the University of Texas, making it easy to find several music venues and dive bars. There are trendy nightclubs and upscale rooftop bars in Downtown Austin, which is just a 15-minute drive. Want to stay local? Catch a show at Hyde Park Theater. Austin’s alternative theater scene puts on the show.

Is Hyde Park Pedestrian Friendly?

The closest grocery store in this part of Austin is a short walk away. There are several restaurants and cafes in Hyde Park Austin, TX, making it conducive for those who love dining in restaurants and cafes. There are also a variety of good clothing stores near this neighborhood. What about education? Primary and secondary schools are close to most homes for sale in this neighborhood. And it is easy to reach these schools on foot.

Places to Eat in Hyde Park

Eateries line Guadalupe Street, and residents can eat vegan-friendly pizza options on the western border of Hyde Park. A high volume of businesses cannot operate due to the residential quality of this neighborhood. However, the residents of Hyde Park can access the best dining options in the University District, Mueller, and North Loop.

Things to See in Hyde Park

Single-family homes and thoroughfares line the quiet streets of the residential pocket of Austin, making it ideal for dog walking. Hyde Park is a historic district. Why? Because of the large cache of vintage homes, including Tudor-style buildings, Queen Anne, American Craftsman, and Victorian. Hyde Park is a residential neighborhood, but there are retail stores and restaurants on Guadalupe Street on the western border.

Things to Know About Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a historic Austin neighborhood. In 1990, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Shady trees are lining the streets of this neighborhood, making it ideal for walking a dog, cycling, and jogging.

Residents work hard to preserve the historic atmosphere of their neighborhood. The old-world appearance is added by most of the homes in Tudor Revival and Queen Anne styles. Some of these homes still stand, even though they date back to the turn of the 20th Century.

The residents are supportive, friendly, and close-knit. They are active in the community. And they work hard to preserve the atmosphere of this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. How? They promote green space and they limit development. Many people in this neighborhood know each other and they greet one another when they meet in cafes.

There are two major local thoroughfares in the neighborhood bordering Guadalupe St. and Red River St. That is why the edge of the neighborhood is noisy. And this is the main location of the restaurants and shops.

There are a few cafes and restaurants, grocery stores, local retail stores, bike shops, taco shops, laundromats, a gym, and a bakery within the neighborhood. There are also playgrounds, parks, art galleries, and theaters. They are all accessible to residents.

The public transportation on the streets bordering Hyde Park is ample. Many residents rely exclusively on public rail and buses because they do not own vehicles.

How to Properly Dispose of Your Junk in Hyde Park?

Use a roll off dumpster service in this neighborhood. A roll off dumpster service can help you get rid of large amounts of trash, construction and remodeling debris, and home clean outs.