Illegal Dumping: The Causes/reasons, Effects, Consequences and Solutions

Illegal Dumping, also known as fly dumping, is the unlawful Dumping of any waste, mostly in the environment, instead of using authorized methods given by the state. Whether it’s trash, oil, broken appliances, furniture, or landscaping cuttings, it is illegal to dump waste on a public ground, city or private property without the owner’s knowledge. This malpractice can get us into a lot of trouble, in more than one way, even if we’re not the one committing the crime. The right thing to do is search for a dumpster rental Austin for all your trash solutions.  

Reasons for Illegal Dumping

The levels of illegal Dumping may have reduced over the past couple of years, but they are still high in various areas, and while it does publicly happen, the practice isn’t acceptable.   

  • Lack of enough options for dumping trash and other waste 
  • Lack of awareness or knowledge of certain restrictions by the public 
  • Increased prices for disposal services 
  • Lack of clear understanding of the law 

Effects of Illegal Dumping On The Environment

Whenever we dump our trash onto the environment, we put the land and animals nearby at risk. However, sometimes the effects aren’t always apparent and may take some time to be noticed.  

  1. Contamination of soil and water that can lead to pollution of water resources and infertility of the land.  
  2. Interfering with wildlife through the death of small animals and the attraction of scavengers like raccoons.  
  3. Possible natural disasters because some chemical waste can be flammable and cause forest fires.  

Effects of illegal Dumping On The Community

  1. Increase of health problems such as illness and viral diseases from infected animals like rats and skunks.  
  2. Decrease in the value of the property because of poor living conditions which drive off investors.  

Consequences Of Illegal Dumping

According to the law, illegal Dumping can be a felony violation which might lead to punishments such as jail time and large fines. The more the unlawful dumping cases increase, the more pain that taxpayers will go through because of the money needed to support programs for cleaning illegal dumping sites and litter.  

Usually, nonprofit organizations are known to handle these community cleanup programs using charitable donations from various sources. Suppose you’re lucky enough to live in a city with high levels of illegal Dumping but with environmental organizations that cater to the bills. In that case, you might not feel the financial burden. However, if there aren’t any nonprofit organizations to foot the bill, the local government will have you taxed for a budget to be created for cleaning Illegal Dumping.   

Solutions To Illegal Dumping

The simplest way to prevent dumpers is to raise posts with “no trespassing” or “no dumping “signs in the area. However, many people tend to be ignorant of such warnings. Therefore, another very effective solution would be to reach out to our dumpster cleanup and rental services at Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental. To learn more about our services, visit  

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