Items You can Recycle in Austin

One of the factors that threaten the harmony of nature is accumulated waste materials. To prevent this from happening, these materials can be recycled for further use. Knowing the materials that can be recycled and the ones that cannot pose a challenge to many. When considering a dumpster rental Austin, it is important for you to know the difference between these two categories of materials. It will make it easy to distinguish which substance goes to the trash or recycling bin. Below are some items that are recyclable in Austin:

Wine corks & bottle caps

As small as these items are, accumulation over time can be harmful to the environment. To reduce the chances of this happening, these items are subjected to recycling processes. To carry this out effectively, winemakers are not to make corks from scratch but make use of recycled ones. 

Wood and paper

Wood and paper also need to go through the recycling process in order to maintain a balance in nature. When these substances are accumulated, the waste is enormous, and it can cause harm to trees both directly and indirectly. Since the quality of papers and woods might deteriorate after recycling, they are made into cardboards and wooden boards, respectively. 

Glass, aluminum & plastic

Since these materials cannot decompose, they can cause serious harm to the environment when not recycled. To prevent this from happening, each of these items has to pass through an incineration process. This process goes a long way to conserve energy and improve the environment. 

Tech gadgets

After gadgets like cell phones are damaged, people proceed to throw them away, but this continual action can be harmful to the environment. The best course of action is to send them for recycling so that the scraps can be used to build other devices. 

Packaging Materials

Materials used in packaging food and pastries can also alter the balance in nature when not disposed of properly. Most pastries are wrapped with aluminum foils, and this material will need to be recycled into other useful substances. 

Fabrics and diapers

Clothes, lingerie, and other things made out of fabrics ought to be recycled. You can give them out to the less privileged, use them as kitchen towels, or place them in a special recycling bin. Diapers are also one of the items that require recycling. 

Motor oil

Motor oil is useful in everyday life, but when care is not taken, they can become pollutants. A quart of this substance has the tendency to populate more than two gallons of water; therefore, its recycling is advised. 

Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are usually packed with hard plastics, therefore making it difficult to recycle. However, creating a separate recycling bin for them is also important as they can accumulate at the landfill. The chemicals used in their production can contaminate the water and soil around them. 

In order to improve the ecosystem, recycling should be encouraged. There are many companies today that are dedicated to the recycling process and creating balance in the environment. To know more about this activity, visit

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