junk-removal-versus-dumpster-rentalWhich is better: using junk removal Austin or roll off dumpsters?

Renting a dumpster for trash removal is not for everyone. The differences between Austin junk removal and roll off containers are often blurred.

For example: with garbage collection service company reviews online, some haulers offer both services, and consumers use the terms junk removal and rent dumpster interchangeably. Many junk removal reviews are posted in the trash dumpster section on the review sites like Yelp.

These two services are very different.

A garbage dumpster is NOT for you if you only have a few things to dispose. For example, if you need a couch removed, or a bed, and nothing else, you are best off calling one of the top 10 best Austin junk removal companies. On the other hand, if you have a lot of things to dispose of, and you want to go through your stuff, at your own pace, without someone rushing you to decide what stays or goes, then a refuse bin rental is a better option.

One caution about Austin junk removal versus rolloff dumpster rental Austin companies:

The junk hauling industry has a reputation for offering lowball prices, then jacking up the rates before they leave the job site. Austin junk hauling companies often base their rates on how much room your stuff takes up in their trailer. You may think your stuff only takes up 1/8th of their trailer, and they claim it is 1/3 of their trailer.

Guess what? You’re paying a lot more than you thought. So the advantage with roll off containers is, you can fill it part way or all the way, you still pay the same rate. Here is a quote from a review left by a Yelper on a Austin junk removal company:

“Search elsewhere for your Austin junk haul away. Our first and only experience was enough. They quoted me a price of around $200 to haul off an assortment of junk/trash that was in a big pile in our garage, and assured me it shouldn’t be over $250. I felt like that was steep, but we were in a bind and needed to get rid of the junk. After they had it all loaded up, he came to me and said I owed $350. I should have written him a check for $250 and told him to get lost…but, I was there alone and just tried to reason with him, but to no avail.”

What does it all mean?

There are twice as many Austin junk hauling companies out there as roll off dumpster companies. If you need someone to load debris for you, junk removal is the way to go. On the other hand, hiring a dumpster service is usually more value for your money.

Either way, make sure they have a Private Waste Hauler Permit with the local government. Otherwise, when they get caught disposing of your stuff, the fine of up to $2,000 can come back to bite you.

Here is what to do next when considering Austin dumpster rental:

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