A Local Guide To Bastrop TX

Do you live in or around ATX? There is a city by the name of Bastrop that is located 30 miles southeast. It is part of the Metropolitan area of greater ATX. Currently, there are over 7000 people living in this community. For those that have never been there, or tourists that will be coming through ATX, this might be a location that you would like to visit. It has a small town atmosphere, which might be exactly what you are looking for. This place also has a lot to offer so that people can experience the best aspects of Texas. Here is a local guide to Bastrop TX that you can use if you are ever there.

Origins Of Bastrop Texas

This small community is located adjacent to the lower Colorado River. It has its own downtown business district, and a local lake after the same name. There is a school district, powerplant, and a multitude of other businesses. The major employers are represented by the school district, Walmart, and county government jobs. Its origins can be traced back to the 1850s. This is when a local paper, The Bastrop Advisor, started publishing a weekly paper. Since that time, the population has grown from about a thousand people to 3000 people in the 1950s. In 2010 the population was 7000 people and is closer to 10,000 people in 2020.

The History Of Bastrop Texas

The history of this community actually goes back to 1804. At this time, Spanish soldiers were living in the area. It has undergone a few name changes, and the city itself was destroyed in 1862 by fire. Some of those remaining structures were commemorated in 1979. Just a few years ago, another fire led to what became the most destructive wildfire ever recorded in Texas. A total of nearly 1700 homes were burned down, though only two people died, resulting in over $300 million in damage. The reason this fire occurred was because of the drought mixed with a tropical storm that brought in high winds. This segues nicely into when you should consider visiting this re-built community that has so much to offer today.

Demographics Of Bastrop

The demographics today are extremely different than they were over 100 years ago. Today, most of the people are white, with about 18% Latino or Spanish, and the rest are Asians, Native Americans, and other races. A total of just over 2000 households are there. About one third of the families have children under the age of 18. There are more females than males, and the largest demographic of people by age range are 18 to 24 years of age. Median income is $40,000 for households and $50,000 for families. It is a place that you may want to consider moving due to the low cost of living, yet it also has proximity to ATX if you enjoy the city.

When Should You Visit Bastrop?

Like many areas of middle and southern Texas, they are affected greatly during the hurricane season. Great storms can develop, bringing in high winds, and this tends to happen at the end of summer and into fall. Therefore, the best times to visit will be early spring, all the way through mid-summer. If you can visit during this time, you can also avoid some of the hottest temperatures which will make your stay so much more pleasant.

What Can You Do In Bastrop?

As referenced above, it would be advantageous to visit the Main Street Historic District which has played such a large role in this community. There is also the Bastrop State Park which is the perfect location for people that want to do outdoor activities. As with many cities and towns throughout Texas, distilleries are available. There is also the County Museum, the Texas Reptile Zoo, and Lake Bastrop which is a great place to play in the water and relax by the lake.

Where Can You Stay In Bastrop?

Bastrop has many well-known chain hotels. The Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Comfort Suites, and the Hyatt Regency are all there. These are priced very affordably, averaging about $80 a night. There are also many restaurants that you can visit for a good meal. If you decide to stay, you may as well be there for a few days. You can also travel up to ATX in a few minutes. It should also be mentioned that the hottest temperatures tend to be from late April until the middle of September. Therefore, as you are planning your trip, consider this before choosing the days that you will be visiting.

Final Things About Bastrop

One other way that you can enjoy this community is to plan your visit by looking at community events. You must also consider who you are bringing with you on your trip to this part of Texas. If it is with your family, and you have young children, downtown Bastrop is a great place to be. The visitor center, and also the nationally registered historical properties and districts, will give you plenty of pictures to remember. Most people enjoy the outdoor aspects of this community. From the river to the lake, you can do activities on or around the water. They also have what are called the Lost Pines. These are simply loblolly pine trees. They have been there for over 10,000 years, and are part of the Bastrop State Park that is nearly 6000 total acres. These are just a few of the additional things that you can do once you arrive in Bastrop.

If you have never been to Texas before, or at least not to Bastrop, you really should consider this fantastic location. Literally a suburb of ATX, it is a great place to experience the beautiful weather that Texas can provide, and also the wonderful city of ATX which is not that far away. However, it is likely that you will spend most of your time in this city which has so much to offer.