Discovering More About Kyle, Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, the wide-open spaces, the skies that seem to stretch forever, even the steaks and the headwear is bigger in the Lone Star State. But sometimes it is the things that are tucked out of sight that really show how big some things in Texas can be – for instance, people’s hearts and the welcome that they provide visitors. One place where the welcoming nature of Texans is readily apparent is in Kyle, Texas.

Kyle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the State. In 2010 it boasted just over 28,000 inhabitants, today that number has swelled to over 50,000. Why are people attracted to the Kyle lifestyle in such numbers? There are a number of reasons. The fast-growing town in Hays County, Texas is only 21 miles from downtown Austin – which means that those who choose to live in Kyle but work in Austin will have the best of both worlds. Residents will have access to big-city entertainment and other amenities – but also the serenity that comes from living in a town that still boasts that welcoming nature and sense of neighborliness that is so often missing in the fast-paced life of the 21st century.

The central location of Kyle is another reason that many choose to enjoy its welcoming lifestyle. Only 60 miles north of San Antonio, 250 miles south of Dallas and 200 miles west of Houston Kyle is the perfect place for those who want to explore not only the big urban attractions of Texas, but also the miles of open country that separate these cities. for many that is where the real Texan experience can be found – and the scenery that is part and parcel of the Texas experience is also a drawcard.

Kyle also attracts younger families who are in search of a wholesome environment to raise their children. Around 55% of the households in Kyle have children. The tractions for families that move to Kyleare almost too numerous to mention, however, the mild weather and the wealth of outdoor activities are definitely one of the drawcards for those families that want to enjoy that great Texan weather.

Here families can enjoy 12-acres of water-based fun, with fishing and hiking being the two most popular pastimes in and around the Lake. Fishing for Catfish and bass is a popular pastime for those who call Kyle home. Visiting Lake Kyle is a great way for children and adults to be introduced to the Texas fishing scene. Equipment (such as tackle and bait) are available very close by the edge of the Lake. The high catch rate at the Lake makes it a fun day out even for beginners.

Making a trip out to the Lake even more fun for the whole family is the availability of some great places to have a picnic – and playscape that is sure to delight the younger members of the family. For those who want to enjoy a scenic morning or afternoon out in nature, while keeping those fitness levels up the many walking trails in the vicinity of Kyle are a welcome addition to the attractions surrounding the Lake.

Another great day out in Kyle can be enjoyed on the second Saturday of each month when the Kyle Market gets into full swing (April through September – check to see if the market is open given the changing lockdown regulations). The Kyle Market offers a variety of vendors and live music, as well as arts and crafts and fresh ‘farm to market’ produce.

Those great Texas summers are ideal for enjoying the wonders of the natural beauty that surrounds Kyle. However, there is a way of enjoying that beauty and fresh air – and taking in a great movie. This is the Kyle ‘Movies in the Park’ experience which is held during those balmy Texan evenings. This is fun for the entire family and with the wide range of feature films on show, there is bound to be something for everyone.

For even more outdoor fun head for Steeplechase Park in Kyle. Here one finds the 18 hole, championship disc golf course. Historic Plum Creek meanders across the course to provide that extra level of challenge to a day out at the course.

Kyle is known as the ‘Pie capital of texas’ due to the fact that the Texas Pie Company has made its home in the town for the last 32 years. This Texas institution has been providing Texans and visitors with quality pies that follow family recipes for generations – and whether you want a Blueberry or Cheery pie or A casserole a visit to the Texas Pie Company will not go unrewarded.

But pies are not the only culinary highlights in Kyle, there are plenty of other family-friendly options when it comes to enjoying some of the best food that Texas has to offer – all within the city limits of Kyle. Take for example Hays City Store and Icehouse. This dining destination which had its origins as a convenience store attached to a gas station has today become the go-to destination for Texas comfort food. Chicken Fried Steak and wood-fired pizzas, as well as 40 beers on tap, make it a popular stop for those who want to enjoy great food and that famed Texas hospitality. Texas is also known for some of the best barbecues in the U.S. and for those who want to explore why it is so famous a stop at Milt’s Pit Barbecue is strongly recommended. The jalapeno sausage and pork ribs are both unmissable – and an order of brisket is part of the experience.

Kyle, Texas is one of those rare small towns that still boasts a heart as big as the Texas outdoors. For those who make their homes in the town, there’s simply no other place like it. If you are ver in the vicinity a stopover in Kyle is one that you (and the family) will not soon forget. Set some time aside and enjoy real Texan hospitality.