A Local Guide To Spicewood

Traveling to Texas often involves going to major cities. This may include locations like Houston, Dallas, or even Fort Worth. If you will be heading into the San Antonio, or more specifically the ATX area, there are many small suburbs that you may also want to visit. One of those is called Spicewood which is a suburb of ATX. It is northwest of the city. If you have not been there before, or if you are considering a vacation in Texas, Spicewood might be the best place to be. Here is a local guide to Spicewood and the many things that you can experience while you are there.

Why You Would Want To Go To Spicewood?

Spicewood is one of these locations that may not be on your map if you are searching for the most well-known destinations in Texas. If you do live in ATX, you are likely aware of this small community. It will be a pleasant trade-off compared to living in ATX or staying in this busy city. The population is only about 8000 people. It is close to Travis County, but it is specifically in Burnet County in Texas. Not too long ago, there were only 2000 people in this community. Rapid growth in ATX has led to more people moving to this location.

Famous People Associated With Spicewood

Perhaps the most well-known individual that has an association with Spicewood is Willie Nelson. He is a famous country singer that is known for many different things. At the time of this writing, he was living at a place called the Luck Ranch. He is also known to have frequented a place called BJ Café. Although it is closed now, this notoriety was one reason that people made their way to this community. However, there are many other things you can do in this place, regardless of the famous people that live there.

What’s The Geography And Climate Like In Spicewood

The geography, similar to most of Texas, is primarily flat. The climate is hot and humid during the summer and only mildly called during the winter. The weather forecast for ATX typically matches up with this community. If you enjoy hot and humid, this is a place you will want to be. If you have been thinking about visiting Texas, and ATX is on your list, Spicewood might be a great place to begin. In this humid subtropical climate, many people have found their homes. In fact, back in 2000 there were only 2000 people. This means that the population has quadrupled in the last 20 years, making it one of the fastest-growing locations in Texas.

The History Of Spicewood

As with many locations in Texas, it began with early settlers. They claim to this area back in the 19th century. At this time, the Republic of Texas, and the infamous Spanish land grants, led to the development of this area. Some people believe that the name of this destination is the result of something called sassafras timber. Regardless of its origin, it began to grow as a result of stores and churches and starting. It is not an incorporated location, but it does have many activities that you can do.

Top Destinations To Visit In Spicewood

one of the best destinations is called Spicewood Vineyards. If you enjoy walking through Vineyards, this would be a great place to begin. You can then go down to Krause Springs, or head over to the capstone House Vineyard. If you are searching for a recreational area, Muleshoe Bend might be your top choice. Another possibility is the Iron Wolf Ranch and distillery. Other wineries include El Gaucho. Do you enjoy horseback riding? If you do, find the Silvers Trails company. You will be able to take a horse for a ride for some fun.

Other Things To Do While In Spicewood

A couple of other places you can visit include the Narrows Recreation Area. At the very least, you can head into ATX to check out the city. It is far enough away that you will not be bothered by the heavy traffic. However, it’s close enough where you can drive there in just a few minutes. When traveling during the summer, you can take advantage of ziplining. If you want to go to a lake, Lake Travis is a great place to be. Cuvee Coffee is a place where you can get your favorite caffeinated beverage. And finally, if you are a Willie Nelson fan, you might want to drive past the Luck Texas ranch.

What Time Of Year Should You Visit Spicewood?

One of the benefits of going to Texas is the weather. There are only a couple of times of the year that you should not visit. This would include during hurricane season which can be somewhat disastrous. Storms can deliver a substantial amount of rain when summer is coming to an end. Another time you may want to avoid this area is during the winter. Although they are typically mild, most people come to Texas because of the heat. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities, and visit not only Spicewood but also ATX, late spring and early summer are fantastic times to go to this wonderful location.

Smaller communities are sometimes more inviting than big cities. If you will be traveling toward ATX this year, certainly consider this destination. So many people have traveled here as a result of Willie Nelson. However, since they are not able to see him, they often do other things. A quick day trip to the Gulf of Mexico will be easy to accomplish. Whether you are traveling alone, or with your family, you will have a great deal of fun. There are so many people that rely upon their cell phones to find exciting things to do while traveling. Once you arrive in Spicewood, you will likely find many activities that will allow you to relax without modern technology. To find out more information, visit the Spicewood community website today.