Managing Our Regular Waste Materials Responsibly

Managing Our Regular Waste Materials

One of the primary responsibilities of every city municipality is waste management. Every waste material needs to be cautiously separated and transported to their respective recycling centers for their processing and recycling. The dumpster rental Austin is the perfect solution for keeping the waste materials segregated and the environment clean. But, some of the waste materials cannot be separated for transparent processing. These waste materials are labeled as Municipal Solid Waste by the municipalities. 

Understanding what is labeled as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)?

Municipal Solid Waste, commonly going by the name MSW, comes from the schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and homes in our city. These waste materials include:

  • Newspaper
  • Furniture
  • Food scraps
  • Packaging materials
  • Clothing
  • Batteries
  • Grass Cuttings
  • Appliances
  • Paint

Why is MSW a big issue for the municipalities?

MSW is a widely commonly occurring element in our rather every city. The whole concept of Municipal Solid Waste is not much of a big issue, but keeping them apart becomes a big task. Why so? Because we forget to keep them segregated and tend to dump every other waste material together in one garbage bag. Our waste material handlers face tremendous difficulties when they have to separate liquid and semi-solid waste from solid waste. Such a strenuous situation can be avoided if each of us takes the small responsibility of doing the right thing of separating the waste materials in different garbage bags right from the start. 

Now let us look at some facts about our topic of discussion- the Municipal Solid Waste. 

  • According to reports by US EPA and the likes, in 2012, around 251 million tons of trash was disposed of by Americans.
  • 87 million tons of these waste materials that amount to 34.5% of the recycling rate were recycled and composted.
  • The increasing awareness is seen in a report that indicated the disposal of 4.38 pounds of waste per person. 

Understanding the techniques of Municipal Waste Management Systems:

We can be a bit careless sometimes. But our municipal workers are very efficient when it comes to waste management. There are many waste management techniques widely followed to reduce, reuse, and recycle MSW. But, with our waste management heroes, two methods have gained vast acceptance:

  1. Recycling: Recycling is a new trend in waste management. It is one of the most effective and efficient processes. Waste management centers in our city help our municipality workers deposit MSW in a specific place to transport them to recycling facilities. This effort by the municipalities has ensured fewer waste materials in landfills. Some recycling centers specialize in recycling materials that are particularly toxic and hazardous to us and nature.
  2. Composting and Mulching: Commonly used by farm owners, composting creates a protective layer on the soil. This is highly effective in controlling the growth of weeds and soil erosion. A safe and secure place is the priority for composting. Plants that have been sprayed with pesticides should be avoided. 

Together, we can make the task a tad bit easier for our municipal workers. Visit and start separating your waste from today! 

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