space-required-rolloff-container-delivery-texasYes, roll off containers do have major space requirements for delivery and removal.

Why? Roll off dumpsters were originally built for use on industrial job sites where there is vast amounts of space. The dumpsters, and the trucks were not intended for residential use.

This means that most trash removal companies deliver using a Mack truck (basically a semi). The truck is over 30-feet long. The dumpster is 22-feet long. So they need 60-feet straight space to deliver or pick up a roll off container. In my residence, the driveway is 18 feet long, and the street is about 18 feet wide. Meaning, there is no way traditional roll off containers can be delivered to my house without laying it all the way across my lawn, destroying it completely. That is also considering that no vehicles are parked on the street blocking the refuse semi truck from maneuvering to unload or load the garbage dumpster.

If you have trees, power lines, or other low hanging obstructions, the waste management company

Cannot safely deliver or provide roll off dumpster service.


The rubbish removal trucks with a 40-yard dumpster on top have a resting height of at least 15-feet tall. Then to load or unload the dumpster they must raise it into the air about 20 to 30-feet. So any overhanding trees or electric lines are a problem.

Frequently Dumposaurus will get calls from competitor companies (believe it or not, we are friendly with our competitors). Our competitors will ask us to deliver roll off containers to a client of theirs because their refuse truck was too big or rolloff too long for the job-site. Their client still has to pay a dry-run fee for the company not being able to deliver the construction dumpster. The client could have avoided the trouble by calling us first. If you call us, and we know the project is not right for us, we will gladly refer you to one of our competitors who may be a better fit for your garbage dumpster service needs.

We saw this problem and fixed it so that a…

Austin dumpster rental can be delivered easily into tight spaces, on sloped driveways, in alleys, and under parking garages.  

Our refuse trucks and trash boxes are built to work well in difficult spaces. I can only think of two different job-sites in the past year that were too prohibitive for us to safely deliver a waste bin. You should see some of the incredibly difficult places where we have delivered!!!

Anyway, our rubbish removal truck needs about 14-feet of height clearance from the ground to deliver our big dumpster. In some cases, a small dumpster is needed for safe delivery. Call 512-774-5666 and let us know about your situation so we can help you choose the right dumpster sizes for delivery to your space. Our equipment only needs about 20-feet long of space to unload or load a roll off container, which is awesome compared to the 60-feet of straight access the other guys require.

Other companies require two parking spaces on either side of the roll off box, which is about 30 feet wide for service, we only require 8-feet wide, but in some situations we can get away with 6-feet wide.

Also, if you’re having us deliver to a trash removal dumpster to a parking lot or office park, our garbage containers (5-yard, 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard) only take up one parking space, and allows all other spaces to be used by you. Now if you need our 40-yard or 30-yard dumpster rental Austin, then we will  need two parking spaces, but that is all. However, the competition requires that any size of dumpsters to lay across multiple parking spaces (usually 3-5). We save you space.

Plus our garbage collection service dumpsters only require the footprint of a SUV, instead of two car lengths like other companies. This means we take up less space on your job-site, and allows you more room to work with for materials, storage, and parking. If you can park a SUV in the space where you want a garbage dumpster, we can most likely deliver one of our waste dumpsters there.

Lastly, since we have rear doors, instead of a single 8-foot wide door, our roll off dumpsters can be placed 50-percent closer to your project location. That means you and your workers save major labor, time, and money in transferring materials into the refuse bin.

At Dumposaurus one of our core values is “provide unique first class experiences“ which means using equipment different from our competitors that provides you an faster, easier, more efficient experience in having dumpster service delivered and loading the debris. Why? Because small details are huge and we want nothing but ecstatic clients.

For any questions or concerns about space requirements needed for the rolloff delivery or what size container will work with your location, please call 512-774-5666 and we will be glad to help.

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