Located within the 78704 area, Zilker Park Neighborhood has 17 primary and secondary schools. The highest rated school is Zilker Elementary with a rating of 10 and 567 students. Public schools in the neighborhood form part of the Austin Independent School District. Close by is the Texas School for the Deaf and the University of Texas Charter School is situated nearby.

Ziker Elementary School is situated at 1900 Bluebonnet Lane, Austin, TX 78704. Their phone number is: +1 51-414-2327.

The school offers students a healthy balance of educational experience that extend beyond its strong academics to the enrichment of arts, environmental education, and emotional and social learning.

O Henry Middle School is situated on 2610 W 10th Street in Austin, TX 78704. Their phone number is +1 512-414-3229. 

The school was named after the prolific short-story writer of the early 1900s, William Sydney Porter who used the pen name ‘O. Henry’. Located in the central west of Austin, the school offers a strong academic curriculum that focuses on emotional and social learning as well as courses like athletics, pre-AP courses, orchestra and band courses. O. Henry Middle School has earned recognition for their programmes that challenge students to make good use of their minds, while bearing in mind the unique and sensitive developmental challenges that early adolescents are faced with and ensuring that each student is provided with the best teachers and high-quality resources.

Austin High School, also known as Stephen F. Austin High School, is located at 1715 W Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 787804 and their phone number is  +1 512-414-2505. Situated along Lady Bird Lake near Downtown Austin, the school which was established in 1881 is the oldest public high school still operating in Texas. With more than 2,500 students in grades 9 through 12, it offers students more than 250 courses with advanced courses included in most disciplines. With a rich tradition of strong performers, Austin High boasts of an ever-increasing list of distinguished graduates and alumni.

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