If you are traveling through Lockhart and do not take the time to stop, you are doing yourself a great injustice. Lockhart is a great location to stop and walk around for a few hours, especially on a long road trip. In fact, there are a few things to do in Lockhart that will more than likely put a great big smile on your face. Let’s check out a few things to do today!

Caldwell County Courthouse

If you are searching for an interesting landmark in the Lockhart area, you will want to take note of the Caldwell County Courthouse. This is an absolutely stunning building that was completed in 1894 and stands just as gorgeous today. Located in town square it is impossible to miss and is a great location for architectural photography. It is a great place to walk around after a hearty Texas size lunch and get acquainted with this small town.

Caracara Brewing Company

We are all well aware of just how hot Texas can get in the middle of simmer and nothing is going to beat the heat like an ice cold beer. In Lockhart, if you are looking for the biggest and coldest selections of beers, there is no better location than the Caracara Brewing Company. Pull up a chair and try one of the many cold beers they have available. Wonderful location to relax and get out of the heat and enjoy some local conversation.

Lockhart Antiques and Collectibles

Finally, if you are in the mood for shop for something a little different, why not give the Lockhart Antiques and Collectibles shop a try. You never know what you are going to find in their eclectic asiles. It is the perfect shopping experience whether you are on the hunt for antiques or just looking to browse.

These are just a few of the things to do in Lockhart on any given day! Check out the day and you will more than likely fall in love too.