terms-conditions-of-service-agreementBy renting a container (dumpster) from Dumposaurus, Client (you and your representatives) agree to the following terms and conditions of service.

Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Dumposaurus against all claims, damages, suits, penalties, fines and liabilities for injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property arising out of Client’s use, operation or possession of the container. As in the case of renting an vehicle, once the container is in the customer’s possession, it is the Client’s responsibility.

Client accepts full responsibility for contents of container and agrees to additional charges if it contains unacceptable materials. Contents are inspected by the landfill and recycling centers.

1. Prohibited Materials:

No kitchen trash is allowed in the dumpster. 

No concrete materials, asphalt, stone, rock, tile, gravel, sod or dirt. If any of these items are found while dumping the load, an additional environmental charge of $100 may be assessed. If you need to dispose of these items, ask about a rock container exclusive for these materials. This allows for clean-fill recycling disposal when not combined with miscellaneous debris.

The following hazardous waste cannot be accepted: paint, chemicals, solvents, oil, fuels, herbicides, pesticides, asbestos, radioactive, highly flammable, explosives, bio-medical, liquid wastes, Freon, toxic or hazardous material, fluorescent light ballasts, batteries, fuel tanks, nuclear or fissile materials.

The following hazardous items can be picked up at additional cost. Notify the office first to discuss proper loading:

  • Cans of Paint – $10/item
  • Televisions/ Large Tires- $30/item
  • Mattress/Box Springs – $37/item
  • PC Monitors/ Microwaves/Propane Tanks/Refrigerator/ Water Heater/ AC Units – $50/item

Should specifically excluded waste (as listed above, but not limited to) be dumped in the container, causing a rejection of material at the dump site, the Client shall be responsible for all costs associated with rejection of the load and agrees to reimburse us for the said costs. In addition, Client agrees to be responsible for all fines imposed by local, state, or federal agencies due to the illegal dumping of said material.

If any of these items are found while dumping the load, an additional environmental charge $100 may be assessed.

2. Weight limits:

Unless stated otherwise on the dumpster size pricing package chosen, the following weigh is included in the pricing of our bins:

  • 5 yard containers include 1.0 ton or 2,000 lbs limit.
  • 10 yard containers include 1.0 ton or 2,000 lbs limit.
  • 15 yard containers include 1.5 ton or 3,000 lbs limit.
  • 20 yard containers include 2.0 ton or 4,000 lbs limit.
  • 30 yard containers include 3.0 ton or 6,000 lbs limit.

Extra weight over the limit above is $75 per partial ton. Trucks are weighed before and after entering the disposal center.

Note: Loads must never exceed 8 tons or 16,000 lbs in a single container. This is the maximum debris weight we can legally haul. Excess weight shall be removed/placed in additional containers by Client (at the Client’s expense), when available. If load is overweight and we are ticketed, Client is responsible for overweight ticket.

3. Overloading Debris:

Containers must not exceed their volume capacity.

If a dumpster has anything sticking above the height of the wall, it must be rearranged in order to legally be hauled. Laborers often overfill dumpsters. It is the your responsibility to ensure the debris is below the wall height.

Dumposaurus drivers are NOT permitted to re-arrange debris for you. If debris is over the top, our insurance requires that driver NOT pick up the dumpster to comply with DOT safety regulations.

If we are not able to remove the dumpster a $135 additional trip fee will be charged. You will need to re-arrange the debris so that we can schedule another removal attempt. 

Containers shall be loaded evenly and placed on hard level surface to insure safe transportation of contents. 

4. Dry Run Fee:

If a container cannot be picked-up, or dropped-off for the following reasons, a $135 trip fee may be assessed to the client.

  • Overweight container
  • Debris filled above container wall height
  • Cars or any items blocking access to pick up or drop off a container
  • Low power lines or tree branches
  • Inaccessible driveways or parking lots due to locked gates or any other reason

5. Relocation Fee:

Containers must not be moved by the client. We can relocate the container upon request and apply a $135 trip fee.

6. Damage to Container:

Client is responsible for any damage to the container (including theft and damage from front-end loaders) while on their site. Client may be charged for cost of repairs to the container. If paint, plaster, concrete or other materials are stuck on the outside or inside of the container a $50 per hour cleaning fee may be assessed.

Client shall not overloaded, move the container, make any alterations, or improvements to the container, and shall use the container solely for the purpose intended.

7. Property Damage:

We will make every effort to protect your property.

However, we are not responsible or liable for damaged property due to our equipment, employees or vehicles. Client renting the bin and receiving the service accepts all responsibility for damages.

Client assumes all liabilities from damage to septic systems, trees, shrubs, fences, lawns, sidewalks, road surfaces, pavement, walls, fixtures, roofs and anything not mentioned. Containers and the trucks are very heavy when loaded.

8. Authority Imposed Fines:

Client acknowledges that the rate includes flow-through funds mandated to be distributed to other entities or persons that Dumposaurus pays on Client’s behalf.  Included are dump fees, environmental fees, fuel fees and others as imposed by city ordinance, taxes or fees imposed by licensing entities and charges imposed by waste disposal facilities.

9. Extend Days of Rental:

After 10 days (or the written term of the rental), clients will incur a daily charge for each container rental on the job site.

Long term rentals require a Dump & Return (swap) service every 30 days. To dump and return a container costs the same as the initial rental fee, and resets the rental day clock to 10 days.

10. Mediation

If there is a breach of this agreement by either party, the breaching party will pay all reasonable attorney fees, collection fees and costs of the other party. The client agrees to submit any dispute arising under this Agreement first to mediation, then if not resolved, to Arbitration.

If any portion of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, all other provisions of this Note shall remain in full force and effect.

The Terms and Conditions Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Texas.

11. Payment Authorization:

Payment is accepted via credit card or check by phone before delivery of the container. You agree and authorize us to charge you for any fees or charges that may apply to the terms and conditions above.

Ordering a container from us constitutes a personal guarantee. By using or engaging in our services, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions above. We take all orders over the phone or via email. We are unable to obtain a written service agreement. For all intents and purposes regarding financial and/or legal issues, the terms and conditions found here shall constitute a legally binding service agreement and shall have the same force and effect as a signed service agreement.

The only additional fees that could occur are charges for: overloading the container, putting restricted items in the container, damaging containers, or dry runs because the delivery/pick-up point is inaccessible. Thank you for choosing us.