The history of Lakeway Texas can be traced as far back as the mid-19th century when John Henry Lohmann settled on the general area, establishing a settlement that would later be called Travis County. However, the most notable development that attracted ranchers to this area was the construction of Austin Dam in 1911, creating Lake McDonald, which was later renamed Lake Austin.

However, the modern history of Lakeway Texas as a town began in 1962 on Jack Josey’s (a Houston rancher and oil producer) 2,700-acre ranch. In the early part of the year, business associates John H.Crooker, jr., Flint Sawtelle, and Lee Blocker negotiated for an option to purchase Jack’s ranch within 60 days. They were required to set up a resort community and hotel on the land they had acquired.

History of Lakeway Texas

On taking up the option, they broke ground on the construction of the hotel – Lakeway Inn – in October 1962, with the grand opening taking place on July 12, 1963.

With Flint Sawtelle as president of Lakeway Land Company, the property development company developed real estate, thereby attracting newcomers into the town. It is no wonder, the town’s population has been growing throughout the modern history of Lakeway, Texas.

For instance, the 2010 census placed the population of the town at 11,391. This was substantial population growth, as the 2000 population census put the Lakeway’s population at 8,002 (a 42.2% population growth).

Going further back in history, the 1980 population census determined that the population of Lakeway, Texas was a paltry 790 people, growing to 4,044 people by 1980 (a 411.9% population growth). These statistics are indicative of the growth the city has experienced in recent decades and an indication of the potential growth of the town.

In 1974, a large majority of property owners and with Austin’s consent voted to incorporate resulting into the 1,200 Lakeway village.