As a dumpster rental company serving Barton Hills, we have found a lot of fun things to do in 78704.

It makes it much easier to maintain fitness activities if you are living within the neighborhood of Barton Hills. For other neighborhoods, you may require a car to get to the greenbelts and parks. It can be very easy to access walking, hiking, and biking spots from just outside your home in Barton Hills.

A family-friendly place that is one of the best hiking spots is the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Within this area, you can carry out several activities, like picnicking, biking, jogging, or hiking. The Barton Creek Greenbelt makes for a serene setting for outdoor activities for residents of this area. 

The Barton Hills area is one that is the one that is most sought after for buying homes in Austin. The Barton Creek Greenbelt also referred to as the Greenbelt, gives you a feeling of being in a suburban paradise, and has one of the top trails in Austin that covers over twelve miles. You will find families gathering in the Greenbelt during the weekends to enjoy activities that can be as varied as mountain climbing, biking, or swimming. 

Within Zilker Park, Austin, you will find the Barton Springs Pool, a recreational outdoor swimming pool that is very popular, and measures over 3 acres. During recent years the tally of visitors to it has been between 800,000, and 1,500,000. The pool has temperatures that are between 68 and 70 degrees, and this makes it ideal for swimming all the year-round. 

Zilker Park has also been the home of many festivals, that include the Trail of Lights and ACL. If you are looking for shopping, lovely restaurants, and nightlife, you will find them right at your feet, in the Barton Hills area of Austin. Home to a plethora of restaurants is South Lamar Boulevard, that includes Amy’s Icecream, Phil’s Icehouse, Aroma’s, El Méson, and the 52-year-old dance hall, Broken Spoke. Go to Barton Springs Road, and you will find, Uncle Billy’s, Juliet, Shady Grove, and Chuy’s. Go across the creek to the Spyglass neighborhood if you are looking for Tacodeli. Want movie nights with family and friends? Then go to South Lamar, and find the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

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