Tips To Try Before Junking Your Clutter

Home cleaning is a great way to maintain a hygienic space. However, if you need to free up more space in your indoor area, you need a little more than cleaning. Clutter made up of old and unwanted items is often a thief of space. These items, even those with nostalgic and sentimental value, will often rob you of space and may need to be trashed. A good way to trash them is by renting dumpsters Austin to get the job done.

However, while your intentions may be noble, you shouldn’t just discard this clutter without due diligence. In fact, sorting through the clutter can save you money by reducing the number of items that finally go into the dumpster. Here’s more information on how to sort through your clutter.

Is it Worth Repairing?

The first step towards sorting through the clutter is asking the hard question about the use and value of each item. Items that have become obsolete with no real value should be trashed. Items that are of value but not to you can be given out as gifts or repurposed. Broken or damaged electronics or items that can be repaired for real value can be set aside for repairs. However, if those items to be repaired already have a replacement, you can sell them off in a yard sale or give them out to locals. 

During this sorting stage, you should be more careful about the electronics you find in the pile. Electronics that may contain your personal information or data should be treated with caution, irrespective of the decision you wish to make. Below are some of the other items you’ll likely find as you declutter and what can be done.

Shoes and Boots

If you come across old shoes and boots that still fit, now is the best time to take them out for repair. Visit the local repair shops to get an estimate. At the end of the repair, you can either decide to sell them off or polish them and add them to your rack of vintage shoes and boots. Surely, they’ll come in handy to make a fashion statement at a later date.


It is common to forget clothes while rotating a couple of favorites. If you are guilty of this, the chances are high that those clothes that have become one size too big or small are still in great shape. You can begin by donating them to the needy around you. Clothes with minor tears and damages can be taken for fixing. You can return to wearing them after they’ve been fixed or give them out to friends, family, or those who need them.

Plumbing and Water Appliances

DIY culture has caused many people to have a garage or shed filled with many items that have been ripped off and replaced in their homes. Before you throw those plumbing and water appliances out into the dumpster, contact your local plumber to have a look at them. You’d be amazed at how many of those parts can be reused or repurposed.

Luggage and Furniture

Old furniture may hold some nostalgic memories but they need to go at some point. You can, however, choose to reconsider if they are still in good shape. A brief visit to the local repair shop or a visit from the pressure cleaning company may be all that is needed to restore your furniture. On the other hand, it may be a little refilling or a paint job. Consider these before throwing them out.

If at the end of this healthy process you’re still left with a significant amount of clutter, call for your dumpster rental needs.

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