Ways To Comply With City Of Austin Waste Ordinance

If you aren’t aware of it, Austin has recently adopted a new waste ordinance. That makes it a lot easier for responsible citizens to recycle their waste and a lot harder for negligent ones to get through without being fined. As you may already know, dumpsters in Austin have stopped accepting waste that hasn’t been separated from various recyclable materials. 

It’s a great challenge for any municipality across the United States to show that it follows the Government mandates for a cleaner environment. Austin has always been the city of change, and that’s why adopting an ambitious recycling project would make it stand out from others. The city has committed to a zero-emissions and zero-waste goal to reach by the end of 2040. It’s useful to know the goals set before finding safe ways to comply with this new waste ordinance.

What’s The Goal For 2040 Waste-Free Austin?

The administration has set an ambitious goal of having 90% of the city waste diverted according to their basic material by 2040. Commercial properties and family houses are the highest waste generators, and that’s where special waste management trash bins and equipment should be assigned. As of 2017, all landlords are responsible for setting up diversion recycling kits for all their tenants and expecting a different day for waste management to collect the various materials. 

What Is The Best Way To Comply With This New Austin Waste Ordinance?

Now that you know your chasing goal, you can set up an easy plan to comply with that new waste ordinance. First, you need to separate all kinds of waste into different materials. Paper, glass, aluminum, and food waste should all go in separate containers. It’s necessary to involve the younger family members in this chore since they will start getting used to recycling.

Then you need to make a petition for a new waste bin that matches your family’s needs. If you live in an apartment complex, then it’s your administrator who needs to contact the city authorities and order multiple waste bins to support all families. Finally, awareness has been the promoted key to reach success in this new waste ordinance. If you are a property owner, you need to educate your tenants about the right recycling practices and how often the waste management vehicles pass through your neighborhood. 

Is There Any Support From the Austin Administration?

You are not alone in this fight against spoiling the earth’s natural resources. Austin has created a Resource Recovery Team that arranges visits to homes and commercial properties. It’s when you need to gather your tenants or employees to have a face-to-face meeting with the Resource Recovery team members. They will be happy to offer precise information about the recycling program and even propose the optimal waste management schedule for your family.

Also, there are online resources like capacity calculators and posters printed in multiple languages to spread the message of recycling. Eventually, all people will comply with Austin’s new waste ordinance for a better environment. It’s what we owe to our children. For more information, check our site at https://www.dumposaurus.com/.

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