Where Not to Put Your Renting Dumpster

Need to eliminate the junk cluttering your garage and yard but don’t know where to put it? If you’ve ever had to rent a dumpster rental in Austin before, you may be familiar with the stress of looking for an available site. 

Other potential challenges include staying within budget, dealing with permits, and ensuring safety from nearby objects such as utility lines and traffic. Are you looking to find out everything about where not to put your dumpster rental? Take a look. 

On Sloppy Ground

Dumpsters are built to be heavy and sturdy, but sometimes the ground isn’t. And if you put your rented dumpster on the sloppy ground, it could tip over. That’s not only a safety hazard for anyone walking by; it also means that the contents of your dumpster could spill out onto the ground, which is messy and potentially expensive to clean up.

If your rental property has uneven or sloped driveways or backyards, you should always choose a location with a flat surface that’s level with the ground. 

Someone Else’s Property

Don’t put your rented dumpster on someone else’s property without permission. You will be held liable for any damage it causes, and if you don’t have permission from the owner, you could even be sued for trespassing.

If you’re renting a dumpster for a construction project, consider placing it on your property so that you can keep an eye on it. You don’t want to be held liable for damage or injuries because someone walked into the dumpster.

If you decide to place the dumpster on someone else’s property, ensure they know where it is and that it will be there for several weeks at least (if not months).

Find out if you need special permits to have a dumpster placed on a city street. Dumpster rentals that are kept for a day require permits that cost anywhere from $25 to $100. Even if you have the necessary permits to place a dumpster on the street, giving your neighbors, a heads-up is still considerate.

Unstable Ground

When placing a rental dumpster on your property, it’s important to ensure the ground is stable. If it’s not, the dumpster may sink into or shift around in the soil and cause damage to the ground or even to your property.

You can check if your ground is stable enough for a rental dumpster by placing a small amount of weight in each corner and see if it shifts or sinks. If it does, find an alternate location for your dumpster.

City Streets

City streets are not the place for a renting dumpster. There are reasons why you wouldn’t want to put your rented dumpster on a city street:

  • They are dangerous. They can be full of debris that has fallen off of passing vehicles, including nails and other sharp objects that can puncture your rented dumpster and cause damage to it.
  • They’re in the way. It will be in traffic, which can be dangerous for pedestrians and motorists trying to get around them while parked there.
  • They’re not allowed by law. In many cities, it’s against the law to park any vehicle on city streets without permission from local authorities, who would never permit something as large as a rented dumpster so close to pedestrian traffic or other vehicles on the roadways.

A bin is placed on the street for 24 hours in the United States. If it’s going to be any longer than that, you’ll probably need a permit from city hall, which is usually not too expensive. The permit must then be visibly attached to the container.

Customers often have tasks or projects that must be completed on the weekend. In such cases, obtaining a permit on a Saturday or Sunday may be impossible. Consult your neighbors before placing it on the sidewalk or street. Identify the trash can as yours and explain what you’re doing. Ask them if they are bothered by its presence on the sidewalk. There shouldn’t be any problems if they don’t.

Soft Ground

Soft ground is not the place to put your rented dumpster. The dumpster’s weight can cause it to sink, which could cause problems with getting it out again. You also don’t want to risk damaging your driveway or any other property with the dumpster’s weight.

If you place the dumpster on soft ground, ensure it’s not on a hill or slope. And if there is water nearby, ensure not to place the rental dumpster near it—this could cause damage to the dumpster.

Renting Dumpster, What Should You Avoid?

Dumpster rentals are good for businesses, homeowners, and contractors to eliminate all the debris accumulating during a project. However, when you rent a dumpster, there are things you shouldn’t do that can cost you more money.

Here are four things not to do when renting a dumpster:

  • Don’t overload the dumpster. Many people don’t realize how heavy their trash is until they try to lift it into the dumpster. Ensure you have plenty of space in your dumpster before adding items! You don’t want to overload it because that will only cause damage to your property or cause injuries while moving the dumpster. It can also increase your rental fee if many items are in your dumpster at pickup time.
  • Don’t use the wrong materials. For example, never use rocks or anything else heavy-duty like bricks because they can damage the bottom of the container, causing leaks and cracks.
  • Don’t rent a dumpster if you don’t need one. It might seem obvious, but if you’re looking for extra storage space—don’t waste your money on a dumpster! It’s expensive and not worth it if you don’t need it.
  • Do not leave food scraps inside the dumpster since they attract animals such as rats which may invade your home. 

You can’t just put your dumpster rental anywhere. You want to avoid getting in trouble with your neighbors or the local authorities. Dumpster rental companies can recommend the best sites for dumpster placement, but they tend to be more rural settings with less busy streets. It’s your job to determine if such a site is workable. Visit the Dumposaurus website – https://www.dumposaurus.com/  for our dumpster rental services.

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