Top Austin contractors now using 20 yard bin rental. They previously used 40-yd roll offs for construction trash removal.


Why? There are several reasons. One reason for the change in roll off sizes is construction job site space. The 20-yard dumpster rental they are using is 6-feet tall, 12-feet long, compared to the 8-feet tall, 22-feet long 40-cubic yard dumpster.

Smarter designed roll off containers gives you back 50-percent more space on the job site; you have more room for equipment, parking, and moving construction materials.

Note: not all 20-yard dumpsters are the same size. The most efficient trash bins are 12-feet long, while many of the companies offer 20-yard trash dumpsters that are 16-foot long. The industrial rolloff trucks use a 22-foot long 20-yard construction dumpster service.

Efficiency is more important today than ever before.

With the fast paced construction environment of Austin Texas, timelines are tighter and it is harder to find available quality trade labor.

Picking a 40 or 30 yard dumpster for rent has been the natural choice because for many years, it was the only option. Plus, waste management companies were so slow at servicing the roll off containers. Many contractors wanted to avoid the hassle all together even when doing residential demolition. Times are changing. Today some Austin garbage collection companies are providing superior service with the 20 and 10 yard dumpster rentals where you don’t have to wait on a swap (removal of full trash container and a empty one delivered).

Also, some refuse companies will bring the compact 20 yard waste dumpster and place one around front of the project, and the other around back. Meaning there are fewer steps for workers. Saving footwork, means less effort putting rubbish in the bin, and results in quicker work from more energized laborers.

The efficient 20-yard box helps your team finish their job faster.

Every minute counts. The 12-foot long 20-yard rolloff dumpsters can be delivered on a smaller truck, so you can get it delivered much closer to your project (than a 40-yard roll off containers with a single door). You can stick the efficient 20-yard roll off in one parking spot, instead of having to lay it across the lawn, or use several parking spaces.

Often times significant space is wasted in a 40-yd and 30 yard dumpster service. Workers don’t pack trash as efficiently so you pay for unused space.

v-tub style dumpster vs efficient square bottom

Look at the left side straight trash dumpster that allows for efficient debris packing and compare it to the right tub style roll off container.

What else causes inefficient rolloff dumpster space usage? It’s the whole “tub effect” that comes into play when stacking debris. That means dead air pockets. With a fully rectangular 20-yard dumpster rental, instead of a bathtub style sloped roll off, many contractors are saying it feels like the rectangular rubbish bin can hold 30-percent more waste because there isn’t dead air pockets. There is no need to pay for wasted space.

What does it all mean?

Next time you get ready to order a 40yd or 30 yard dumpster, remember the smart, efficient 20 yard dumpster rental in Austin.

I hope you find the information valuable, and if you have any questions please call my office at 512-774-5666.

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