A Guide To Organizing A Neighborhood Cleanup Project in Austin Tx

If you are living in a neighborhood that you would like to clean up, you can easily recruit people to help you. Especially with Austin’s homeless camping ordinance, many people are upset about all the extra waste and trash on that is not getting removed.

Organizing A Neighborhood Cleanup in Austin Tx
Organizing A Neighborhood Cleanup in Austin Tx

It is very common for neighbors to work together to complete this type of task. It can be done over the course of a couple of weekends. Depending upon where you live, trash on the roads and sidewalks can become problematic. If you are in a large city, such as Austin, there could be a substantial amount of trash. That’s why you may need to rent a dumpster that can contain everything that your group picks up. If you would like to plan and organize a neighborhood cleanup project, here are a few tips on how to get this done.

How To Get The Word Out

Getting the word out is actually very easy to do. You can post on social media sites and find people that are like-minded. In fact, you may have seen posts that have mentioned how bad your neighborhood is becoming. This would be an opportunity to contact these individuals and form your neighborhood cleanup group.

What Will You Need To Complete This Type Of Project?

This type of project can be organized very quickly. However, preparing to do the work is a little bit different. It will require using certain tools and protective equipment. You may want to use gloves, bring sanitizer, and you will also need trash bags as you walk around your neighborhood. At some point, your trash bags will be full. You will need to place this trash somewhere. That’s why all of you can rent a dumpster from a local rental company. By doing so, for just a weekend, you can cleanup your neighborhood and have the trash taken away.

How To Find A Company That Offers Dumpster Rentals

If you are in Austin, or one of the surrounding communities, there is likely a reputable dumpster rental and recycling company near you. These are often used by contractors, remodelers, as well as homeowners. They have many different sizes that you can choose from. They will bring the dumpster to the location that you are requesting. You can also schedule a time for them to come pick it up. It will be relatively inexpensive because you will only be using this for a couple of days. This is even less expensive when everyone in the group is pitching in to rent the dumpster. You can find these companies online very quickly. By simply searching for an Austin Texas dumpster rental company, several will appear. By contacting them directly, or going to their websites to look at pricing, you can easily determine which one you should use.

Cleaning up your neighborhood is not a difficult thing to do if multiple people work together. This could be a project that will involve multiple families and people. By promoting this on social media, or simply contacting people that you know in your neighborhood, you can coordinate this cleanup project in a matter of hours. Neighborhood cleanup projects happen throughout the year. By using this guideline for organizing one, and also getting an affordable dumpster, you may soon have a much cleaner neighborhood due to your efforts.

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