Knowing what questions to ask is essential in avoiding problems with Austin dumpster rentals. The National Solid Waste Management Association is a nonprofit organization that sets and promotes high standards and technical proficiency within the waste hauling industry.

Here’s what you should expect from dumpster rental companies:

  • No hidden costs. Expect itemized costs for services and firm prices before the haulers arrive at your location. Consumers should never feel pressured to accept anything more than the services they request.
  • Client satisfaction. Junk removal firms should offer written service guarantees.
  • Protection. The hauler should start by applying a damage prevention system to the areas of your property where they will be working. 
  • Proper Disposal. Waste must be disposed of in accordance with city and state regulations at approved recycling centers or landfills. Certain items cannot be accepted, including hazardous waste. Fines for improper disposal fall back on you and can exceed $2,000. 
  • Timely. Respecting you by showing up on time should be included in normal job performance. If you are renting a dumpster, then haulers can drop it off without the need for your presence. However, if you have a hauler load materials into the rented dumpster for you, you will have to manage their work quality and speed. If they have to hunt down and sort through materials, you incur additional charges. Customers should be advised of additional charges before the job is undertaken.
  • Licensed and insured. Waste haulers are responsible for maintaining proper local licensing, bonding, and insurance. Failure to do so can leave you with unsettling liabilities if the hauler is injured on your property or damages other property in disposal of waste. 
  • Environmental responsibility. It is the hauler’s responsibility to ensure that the waste is disposed of in a fashion that neutralizes environmental impact. Necessary recycling measures must be taken. Other waste must be safely disposed of with minimal environmental impact. Unordinary actions should be taken to replenish the environment. 

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