The 4 Overlooked Rolloff Rental Budget Factors

The top most often asked question regarding waste disposal budgets that I get from prospective clients is: How much does it cost to rent a dumpster? And asking about rolloff dumpster prices before you rent is very important, but may be short sighted as well.

Many construction contractors and homeowners are frustrated by how complicated roll off dumpster prices are on the final bill. You are not alone in this confusion. Understanding Austin trash removal companies pricing is often very complex because of multiple add on fees, just like your cable bill, utilities bill, or phone bill.


In this article, I’ll simplify the cost to rent a dumpster into the 4 factors that impact prices. Learn why some rubbish removal companies quote you one roll off price, and charge $100 to $300 more on your final bill, completely blowing your dumpster rental budget.

Here is what you need to know to get accurate waste management prices with no surprises.

1. Size of the Roll Off Dumpsters

The cost of dumpster rental in Cedar Park goes up with each increase in roll off dumpster sizes. Here is why. Big dumpster, hold more garbage than small dumpster rentals. More garbage collection equals heavier weight than smaller dumpsters. Roll off container companies pay to dispose of the garbage collected based on the weight of the rubbish in the box.

Trash removal companies often quote prices based on including a certain volume of weight with each roll off dumpster size. Bigger garbage containers include more weight. Smaller trash dumpsters include less weight and have lower dumpster rental costs.

Few garbage collection companies carry the same sizes. Some rental companies only provide a 20 yard dumpster. Other refuse companies only provide a 30 yard dumpster and a 40 yard rolloff dumpster. A different group of rubbish removal companies carry 5yd, 15yd, and 10 yard dumpsters.

In the industry, the smallest temporary Austin dumpster rental prices can start as low as $375 and go up from there. For cheaper costs, consider a Austin junk removal pro. Junk removal service may be cheaper if you only have an item or two to remove. Learn more here about Junk Removal versus Dumpster Rental.

The company I own provides 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard dumpsters with 30-yard and 40-yard rolloff service options.

2. Distance to Rolloff Delivery Site

To deliver and remove a rolloff container rental costs the trash removal company many times more than your weekly garbage collection service. Here is why. With weekly Austin garbage collection, a truck has a route and goes from house to house (or business to business). The houses are in close proximity to each other. The Austin garbage dump service truck driver can pick up dozens to hundreds of small garbage containers in one trip before heading the long trip to the Austin landfill.

On the other hand, a temporary roll off dumpster rental Austin requires the driver to pick up a single roll off container at their storage yard. Next, the refuse truck travels exclusively to your location. The refuse driver delivers your trash dumpster. Then the driver goes back to the storage yard. Once you want the garbage dumpster removed, the refuse truck driver comes across town just for you. The driver picks up the rolloff dumpster rental and hauls it out to the rural Austin dump.

From start to finish for one rolloff container rental the company has to pay a commercial refuse truck driver 3-4 hours payroll exclusively for you. Plus, the company pays for a very expensive refuse truck (often $80,000 to $180,000) to drive often 80-150 miles round trip to service you. That is a lot of very expensive diesel fuel when the truck gets 5-9 miles per gallon.

Depending on where the trash removal company’s storage yard is, they may charge additional distance fees of $50 to $300 per dumpster.

3. Weight of Trash Materials in Roll Off Dumpster

The weight of the garbage in the dumpster is what makes waste management companies most nervous. When a company’s refuse truck gets pulled over by authorities (Texas State Troopers, Austin Police Department, etc), the rolloff truck is often weighted by a mobile scale kept in the law enforcement officer’s vehicle. If the refuse truck is over their legal hauling weight, a ticket is assessed. The tickets start at $2,000 for first time offenders, and repeat offenders can lose their commercial license. The fine is charged to the customer, which increases the garbage container rental prices.

Smart, safe trash removal companies have rules to protect the customer, themselves, and the public driving on the road with these big heavy rolloff trucks. Watch this overweight Austin dump truck plow a car across RM 2222.

The maximum legal weight for most rolloff trucks with two axles is 4 to 5-tons, while the big industrial rolloff trucks with two rear axles (3 total axles) can usually legally haul 10-tons.

How much does trash weigh per yard? Concrete, dirt and other earthy materials are very heavy, about 1-ton to 2-tons per cubic yard. Often a truck with one axle can legally haul about 4-yards of concrete. A few industrial roll off truckscan legally carry up to 10-yards of concrete, but most of them cannot lift more than 10-yards off the ground. In other words, 10-tons is often the maximum weight a industrial rolloff truck can haul.

In most cases, a 20-yard dumpster rental filled with general commercial or residential demolition and construction material weighs in at 2-tons, a 15 yard bin is 1.5 tons, and a 10 yard dumpster is 1-ton. For general household clean-outs, debris is even lighter.

The cost to rent a dumpster near you is based on the fact that the rubbish removal company has to pay to dispose of the materials legally and in an environmentally friendly way. The popular Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) landfill near Austin charges $90 to enter the gates, and up to $60 per ton.

Increasing disposal fee rates is a big factor in why Austin dumpster rental prices are going up.

Going green. Today some Austin dumps and disposal centers comb through the garbage after it is dumped, for an additional fee (starting at $300 extra, per roll off container). This too increases roll off rental prices. Workers with big machines will pull out metal, wood, and other materials that can be recycled. For more on this check out: Green Building – Construction Waste Management & Recycling Tips.

If the roll off dumpster trash is heavier than the weight included in your rental, expect the company to pass the added garbage dumpster rental costs along to you. This business runs on very fine margins. $60 in unexpected weight charges from the Austin landfill can be the difference between your supplier making a few bucks or losing money. Learn the do’s and don’ts of what to put in the dumpster rental. How to load the Austin dumpster rental to avoid going overweight.

4. Length of Time Changes the Dumpster Rental Costs

A roll off container is like a rental house. Waste management companies need to keep a trash box rented, and earning income.

Let me paint the picture with this example. Imagine if a rental house was leased, and the tenant paid rent for the first month. Then the tenant kept living in the house and didn’t pay rent the second, or third month; that would be a problem right? Yes, because the landlord has to pay the mortgage on the house, even when the renter isn’t.

The most successful people who rent a dumpster keep it between 3-days and 7-days. This is good. But when a construction dumpster sits for weeks, without earning an income, it is a challenge for the rubbish removal company. Some refuse companies only do 3-day rentals. Other refuse companies with a lot of inventory sitting unrented, will let you keep the bin for weeks.

Expect to pay extra costs each day, if you keep the bin over the rolloff company’s standard rental time. Austin trash removal companies pay monthly fees for each container they own. To cover expenses, refuse rental prices for daily rent range from $5 to $20.


  1. Does your project requires city building permits? Get the permits before ordering the roll off container. Being prepared can help you avoid having a trash bin sit for weeks with no activity.
  2. Do you need a construction dumpster for several weeks? Consider getting the garbage collected before dumpster delivery. Then you can get things done quickly and efficiently.


How do the Waste Management dumpster rental prices compare to everyone else in Austin Texas?

Waste Management (headquartered in Houston) is the largest trash company in the United States. They do all aspects of garbage management including trash collecting and operating the disposal landfills. You can go to their website and put in your zip code, dumpster size, and length of rental and other information to get a price quote. What I found is that their prices are 20-percent to 50-percent higher than local Austin owned dumpster rental companies. However, if you are a national contractor and do 100 or more roll-off rentals per month, you can get some good discounts.

How much are residential dumpster rental prices?

The price of residential dumpster rental depends on what you need. Are you looking for a regular 95-gallon trash cart that you roll to the curb weekly for garbage collection the same time your neighbors get their’s removed? If so, you need to contact the company contracted to serve your area by the city. The costs of these trash carts usually range from $15 to $80 in the Austin TX metro area.

On the other hand, if you need a roll-off container (like what we offer) then you are looking at a minimum price of nearly $300, and it goes up. This post discusses all of the options and factors as a whole for this service.

What are the small dumpster rental prices?

If you are looking for small dumpster rental prices for a roll-off bin, then it is around $300. If you are talking municipal weekly-pickup then it is $15-$80 monthly.

Lowes or Home Depot dumpster rental prices?

You are asking about the bag produced by the company Waste Management and distributed through hardare chain stores. The trademarked name is “Bagster(tm)”. The size of the “dumpster in a bag(r)” is 3-cubic yards which means you can fit 3-Bagsters in 1 of my 10-yard dumpsters. Plus, the bags are flimsy which makes it difficult for them to hold material. And if you have tile, or anything heavy, the bag will break because they can only hold a little over 1/2 of a ton without breaking. Now to your question of how much do they cost?

Now to your question of how much do they cost? The Home Depot dumpster bags are $30 to purchase the disposable bag. Then you have to pay Waste Management a minimum of $150 to remove the full bag from your house (if they can remove it, there are many problems they run into). So with taxes and all you are looking at $200 for a 3-yard Bagster that includes 1,500-pounds of debris weight. Compare that to a 10-yard steel container for about $300, and over 3-times the space. It is no wonder why we often have customers who rented a Bagster call us to rent a dumpster. We can pick up their Bagster’s and put it in our dumpster for them and save them big bucks, then they still have plenty of room to put more debris in the rolloff along with the Bagster. Is the Home Depot dumpster in a bag a good product for the price? That totally depends on what you are doing and if you really only have a small amount of stuff to put in the container.

What does it all mean?

If you have a Austin dumpster rental size 5-yard, 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, or 40-yard, you can expect to pay between $375 and $925+.

It all depends on: 1. what size dumpster you choose, 2. distance to delivery location, 3. weight of debris, and 4. how long you keep the rolloff.

The above pricing is NOT based on my company’s pricing, it is a guideline on what you can expect to encounter in your Austin dumpster rental prices research. My company’s container rental prices are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. I do offer the best price we can provide in return for the top-notch service delivered. Good luck with your research.

Here is what to do next:

Call me at 512-774-5666 for your custom roll off cost quote.

I will explain how it all works, help you choose the right options, and show you how my company is different from all the other garbage dumpster dudes. Then you decide whether or not my trash dumpster service is a good fit for you.

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