Please DO NOT load the roll off using a skid steer or other motored machinery.

If you require use of machinery to load the Austin dumpster rental, please rent elsewhere. Why?

You would not believe the problems associated with garbage dumpsters that have been loaded with Bobcats and similar equipment!

1. Even the most skilled operators of these machines often run into and damage the roll off container, either putting holes in the construction dumpster, bending the steel, scraping it up, and more. On a fun positive note, check out this cool video of an amazingly skilled Bobcat operator lifting the cat into the truck bed!

As the renter, you are financially liable for any damage to the trash container, and it will cost you extra to pay for repairing the dumpster rental.

We want to avoid damage to our garbage bin because it costs a lot of time, money, and headache to repair.  If you want a damaged bin where you can load the rolloff using a skid steer, I’m sure there are trash removal companies who do not care about the quality of their equipment. You may want to rent from those garbage collection companies.

2. Dumpsters loaded with these machines often pick up so much dirt and other debris that the rubbish bin is too heavy to lift, or legally haul which means fees for: extra days, dry run, extra disposal weight. Yes, even light household material that is loaded with skid steers can be too heavy to lift because of miscellaneous debris picked up.

One time, an individual loaded a 15-yard dumpster with 4-foot X 2-foot X 6-inch blocks of cement using a front end loader.

This dumpster rental in Austin weighed about 30-tons (60,000-pounds) and could not be lifted by us or any other dumpster company.

So the individual had to rent the machine again (maybe a couple hundred dollars), and hire an operator to unload the dumpster to a weight we could haul. In this case, the individual chose to remove all of the cement, and we removed the empty trash container. But the individual still paid for the full price of the refuse bin because he purchased it through a Broker who hired us as a subcontractor. It was a bad deal for everyone involved, except for the Broker.

At Dumposaurus Dumpster Rental of Austin one of our core values is provide unique first class experiences” which means informing you of the small details that can make a huge difference and will help everyone involved protect and preserve our blessings.

For any questions or concerns about the proper equipment for loading debris into your rolloff, before loading call 512-774-5666 and we will be glad to help.

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