In most cases, YES you can change Austin dumpster service times to keep rental longer or have it picked up sooner than scheduled.

Please call 512-774-5666 at least 24-hours in advance.

Advance notice ensures we do not pick up your dumpster rental as scheduled, nor have you incur the industry standard practice of a dry-run fee. If you need the dumpster longer than scheduled, a daily rental rate will be charged to your account (as described in the Terms of Service Agreement).

The key to success in flexible roll off hauling timeframes is working with a responsive trash removal company. Great customer service is hard to find in the garbage collection industry. Every week I have clients tell me how they used a different Austin waste management company who refuses to answer their phone, return a call, or make changes to the scheduled service dates.

Sometimes refuse companies disappear for weeks at a time, leaving you hanging with your Austin roll off container.

Yesterday I had an individual call saying that a billion dollar garbage collection service company refused to come get their dumpster, and he wanted to hire us to remove it from his property. The problem is that we cannot legally (or physically) haul another companies dumpster. So the individual is stuck with a full trash dumpster on his property until he can change dumpster service times with this giant garbage company.

With Dumposaurus Dumpster Rental, one of our core values is “provide unique first class experiences” which means answering our phone and responding to your requests the same day. Then arranging for your service within the speed of service package you selected when choosing your cost to rent a dumpster in Cedar Park, TX.

Most people only use their dumpster 3-days of their rental period. Our most popular level of service package includes a 6-day rental. This provides plenty of time to get things done when you plan ahead and organize your disposal materials. Our premium level of service includes 12-days of rental, and if you need more than that, we will help you out with extending your rental.

Here is a good tip that will benefit you and other people who use dumpster service. Immediately upon finishing loading your waste container, call us to schedule removal. Do this even if you are done the first day of your rental. This will allow us to empty the dumpster and deliver it to another customer waiting in line.

If you have a time-sensitive project, please call ahead to allow for timely bin removal.

For any questions or concerns about extending your rental, or having the dumpster removed faster, call 512-774-5666 and Dumposaurus will be glad to help.

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