Can I put roofing shingles in my dumpster?

Before loading your roll off container full of asphalt shingles, be sure your trash removal company will be able to legally haul the weight of debris. Otherwise you will be stuck paying your laborers to unload the dumpster into another construction dumpster Austin. Avoid the costs of having to redo the work by ordering the right size trash bin the first time.

Roofing debris weight estimates:

Due to stricter standards from TXDOT the asphalt shingle-recycling places have stopped accepting shingles. As a result, the landfills are now charging $60+ per yard of shingles. A 10-yard dumpster rental in Austin for asphalt roofing shingles is very cost effective compared to using your labor and trash trailer to haul shingles.

Here is how to figure out how much roofing debris you have:

  1. Is the roof 3-tab or 30-year/Architectural?
  2. How many square feet is the roof?
  3. How many layers are on the roof?

A 10-yard dumpster rental holds 34-squares of 3-tab shingles or 28-squares of 30-year Architectural shingles.

Formula: (Square Feet / 100 = Squares)

  • 1-square = 100-square feet of shingles
  • 1-square = 3-bundles of shingles
  • 30-squares = 90-bundles of shingles

A 10-yard roll off dumpster can haul 90-bundles of Asphalt shingles. The weight of roofing debris in this example is about 3-tons. A double layered 3,000-sqare feet roof is 60-squares of shingles instead of 30-squares. For commercial foam roofs a 20-yard dumpster rental can be used, but asphalt shingles are often limited to 10-yard dumpster rentals because every 10 squares (i.e. 1,000-sq-ft of single layer) of 3 tab shingles weighs about 2,000 pounds (1-ton).

What does it all mean when it comes to Austin dumpster rentals?

The waste management world is constantly changing which is currently eliminating the easy and efficiency of recycling shingles. The government has eliminated cheap shingle recycling, forcing roofing companies to pay per cubic yard of shingles at the Austin landfill. The dumps have taken advantage of this situation and are charging prices so high that it makes much more sense to rent a dumpster instead of using your own trailer for disposal. When you are ready to take the next step and try Dumposaurus for your roofing disposal needs, give us a call at 512-774-5666.

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