small-dumpster-rental-for-concrete-austin-texasWhat do you need to know about small dumpster rental Austin for concrete and other clean-fill recycling (and prices)?

If you are disposing of prohibited materials like concrete, asphalt, stone, rock, stucco, tile, gravel, sod, dirt or other earthy materials, it must qualify as clean-fill recycling to be disposed of at a flat rate.

If the material does not qualify as clean-fill, the disposal or recycling site charges per ton (2,000-pounds) of debris. A 5 yard dumpster (a great small dumpster rental for concrete) can hold about 8,000-pounds to 12,000-pounds of earthy materials. If you have 2,000-pounds (1-ton) of weight included in your rental, then you are stuck paying $70 per ton times 3-tons to 5-tons, in addition to the roll off dumpster price.


How does material qualify for clean-fill flat rate weight?

Clean-fill means ONLY these materials may be put in the roll off container: concrete, asphalt, stone, rock, tile, gravel, sod, and dirt (if there is rebar in the concrete, that is usually okay). If there is any miscellaneous trash, wood, or other debris in the dumpster, the disposal or recycling site will reject the entire load as clean-fill. Then the entire load cannot be disposed of at a flat rate, and they charge for each and every ton of materials. Even if something like a piece of scrap wood is placed on top of the clean-fill load, it invalidates the clean-fill, and must be charged $60 per ton, instead of the clean-fill rate. This is the rules of the disposal and recycling sites, not ours, but we must follow them.

Wait! Before you start loading earthy materials in your construction dumpster, be sure to read the FAQ how to estimate the weight of trash in your roll off bin.


Clean-fill materials can only be accepted in a 5-yard dumpster. 

These materials are not allowed in the 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster rental sizes. Why? Because we can only legally haul 5-yards of clean-fill. If you put clean fill into a big dumpster we will not be able to haul it, and you will need to unload it (or place it into additional trash containers at your expense). If the trash removal company is ticketed, you agree to pay all costs associated with the citation ticket. Neither the rubbish removal company, nor you want to be in this situation, so please be informed, and do the right thing the first time.

Two of our core values are protect and preserve the blessing” and “small details are huge” which means properly disposing or recycling clean-fill materials to protect our environment and miscellaneous waste in a clean-fill load is a big deal.


Here is what to do next:

For any questions or concerns about using a small dumpster rental for concrete or clean-fill recycling loads, before filling the roll off container call 512-774-5666 we will be glad to help.

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