West Lake Hills is not only a gorgeous suburb of Austin’s but also a unique town with its own police and fire department and commissions. The area has become one of the most sought after living communities due to the sense of tranquility and gorgeous landscaping. With hillside roads and the convenience of living in a community, one can understand why so many want to settle down in West Lake Hills. 

The eastern edge of Westlake features the MoPac which extends westward to Highway 71. To the south, one finds the Colorado River and northward if Barton Creek. If Davenport Ranch looks appealing, it will bring you close to the Austin Country Club, which features perfectly groomed golf courses, a marina, tennis courts, and incredible dining. 

If you are planning on heading north or south, you can easily gain access to Loop 360. Directly across from Loop 360, there are two elementary schools as well as the local high school. The neighborhood is also home to another fine country club, Lost Creek Country Club. They have a beautiful pool, tennis courts and an exceptional golf course. 

West Lake is also an incredible area to live and play in the beautiful Lake Austin waterfront area. A short trip across the Colorado River will bring you to the University of Texas as well as Tarrytown. One can also travel down Bee Cave Road of the Capital of Texas Highway to take you toward South Austin. 

West Lakes Neighborhood 

The area is currently home to about 3,000 residents who all love the outdoors and gorgeous scenery. The area sits close to the Mayfield Park and adjacent to the Wild Basin Wilderness. If that is not enough wilderness for you, there is also Barton Creek and Zilker Park closely. 

Area residents work hand in hand to keep the area’s environment in check and retain its natural beauty. Considering the area is small, there is a true sense of community that keeps the residents tied to one another. The neighborhood hosts a wide variety of local stores, restaurants and various businesses. If you have the desire for a little more variety, downtown Austin is just a ten minute drive with more shopping and dining options. 

When coming into the town you are always going to feel like you are coming back home, it is just a vibe that the community manages to give off.

West Lake Hills Waste Management



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