If you are looking for luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in Austin, Texas, then make your way to Tarrytown in that city. This area is mostly residential, but residents can just as easily access the businesses and restaurants that are also part of this neighborhood. If you require more shopping options, entertainment venues, and restaurants you can always make the short drive to South Austin or downtown Austin. Tarrytown is near the University of Texas, Austin, and is situated to the west of Mopac.

The homes in Tarrytown are mostly modern or traditional Southern. You will find both the young and old here, as well as professionals and families. Its charm is in it its neatness and classiness, which is what drives the people of Austin to want to live in this neighborhood. If you are looking for a desirable and affluent place in Austin to live in, come to Tarrytown. You will find large mansions in this area, but you can also get condos, apartments, and homes that are small and older. You will find plenty of green spaces in the vicinity, as it is near to Lake Austin and the many parks and swimming pools, as well as trails that can satisfy your hobbies of biking and hiking.

If residents of this area are looking for outdoor recreation, they can easily find their way to Reed Park, which in its six-acre area has a nature trail, barbeque pit, playing field, and swimming pools. If you are a golf enthusiast, go to the Lions Municipal Golf Course that is open, and well patronized by golf professionals. If you want a larger park, go to the Mayfield Preserve that has many beautiful gardens and ponds. A spring-fed pool, Deep Eddy, which is man-made and can be a delight in the hot summers of Texas, and they even have movie nights for you to enjoy.

Neighborhoods that are close to Tarrytown are Old West Austin, West Lake Hills, and Rollingwood.

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