If you are looking for more historical character, you will find it represented by the decades-strong Tarrytown Pharmacy in the Tarrytown Shopping Center, as well as Over the Rainbow, which is Austin’s oldest independent toy store.  

Tarrytown in central Austin is a charming neighborhood. Tarrytown which is west of downtown and the north-south corridor of MopPac has many remodeled and historical homes that offer a blend of old Austin and modern convenience that you will find appealing. Residents give a lot of value to the small-town feeling that they find here, as they constantly run into neighbors in stores schools and area parks, even though they are just moments away from the museums and businesses in downtown Austin. 

It was only in 1915 that Tarrytown was established originally as an official subdivision, but its quality and location kept growing in popularity in part due to its advertising campaign, “Where Oak Trees Charm the Eye”, which was highly successful. And now that a century has gone by, with the growth of trees, Tarrytown has a beautiful tree canopy that has become an important element of this neighborhood. 

There is a lot of variety in the homes in Tarrytown. As a potential buyer, you will find a mixture of new estate homes, remodeled and expanded homes, and small and restored cottages that retain their originality. In the Western part of Tarrytown, you can find homes that will be alongside Lake Austin. The location and quality of homes in Tarrytown lead them to be priced higher than homes in other areas. These upscale homes can often be priced in the millions.

Austin has always had an emphasis on nature, education, and the arts and this added to its central location has led Tarrytown to have a lot of amenities. These amenities in Tarrytown are all in a compact area that does not take away its strong neighborhood feel.

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