overfilled-garbage-collection-container-austin-texasCan the driver climb on top of the dumpster and jump on the trash to pack it down?

If a trash dumpster has anything extending above the garbage dumpster wall height, the material must be rearranged to be safely and legally hauled. It is the client’s responsibility to remove or rearrange garbage until it is legal to haul. If the rolloff is overfilled when your the company comes to service your dumpster, this trip will be unproductive and expensive for you.


When do roll off containers get overfilled? Often times laborers will fill the construction dumpster rental Austin above the wall height without consideration for the dangerous road hazard of debris potentially falling out while driving down the highway.

When overfilled garbage falls out on the roads it can:

  • hit other motorists,
  • cause accidents,
  • damage property
  • possibly injuring
  • or even kill individuals.

You the client are liable and responsible for the this expense could amount to thousands of dollars or even $1,000,000+ in your liability. Overfilled rolloff dumpsters are a very serious matter that some clients and trash removal companies negligently overlook.

In the last year Austin experienced 3 trash truck fatalities involving other motorists or pedestrians, and 5 trash trucks flipped upside down on the highway from being overfilled or overweight.

It is your responsibility to guarantee that all garbage is below the wall height and securely contained within the trash box.

SIDE NOTE #1: It is for these same reasons that you are required to ensure the rear doors are fully locked at the top and bottom so that no debris falls out while traveling down the road or in any other situation.

What is the standard practice trash removal companies use when handling overfilled rolloffs?

In most cases, unless you have a overfilled rolloff dumpster service included in your garbage container rental package, the refuse company will be forced to leave the rubbish container. They will call you with directions to rearrange the debris, and charge you a $80 – $200 dry-run fee for not being able to legally haul the bin.

SIDE NOTE #2: Here are a few other reasons why a “dry-run” fee may be assessed by a waste management company. If a trash bin cannot be picked-up, or dropped-off for the following reasons:

  • Overweight container
  • Debris filled above rolloff wall height
  • Cars or any items blocking access to pick up or drop off a bin
  • Low power lines or tree branches
  • Inaccessible driveways or parking lots due to locked gates or any other reason

What does Dumposaurus do differently than other dumpster rental Austin companies?

Two of our core values are “provide unique first-class experiences” and “think safety first” which means helping you understand how to have a great experience and avoid safety, financial and legal hazards regarding overfilled roll off bins. For safety and legal reasons, it is against our company policy for our drivers to climb on top of your dumpster and rearrange debris. Please ensure all trash is below the top of the dumpster wall before we arrive so we can haul your container.

For any questions or concerns about overfilled trash boxes or this convenience service, before your scheduled pick-up day call 512-774-5666 and we will be glad to help.

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