If you rent from Dumposaurus, we prefer to 100% protect your driveway from dumpster rental damage.

Austin dumpster rental driveway protection

1. How do you protect my property from Austin dumpster rental damage? 

You get my proprietary “Dino Tracks” driveway protection system so the dumpster “floats” and never touches your driveway (see yellow). 

It is a respect thing. 

Other companies literally roll the rolloff dumpster rental Austin across your driveway. The steel roller can create scrapes, cracks, and ruts! 

2. How much debris can I pack in the bin? 

You can pack 30% more debris into my dumpster because I removed the slanted bottom “boat effect” that creates bulky dead space pockets. 

(SEE PHOTO: Slanted Dumpster Boat Creates Bulky Dead Space Pockets. Also, look at the damage from the lack of a driveway protection system.)

v tub dumpster rental

3. How rusty, dirty, stinky and ugly is it? 

It’s clean enough for my kids Scarlett and Sterling to play in. 

Or you can rent from my competitors and get a bin that looks like this rust brown bin. It is not a “bad” picture, it is the their “average” bin. 

Austin dumpster rental driveway protection

4. How high do I have to lift debris into it? 

You have SAFE easy walk-in loading with my French rear double doors. They are easy to open and close. 

Austin dumpster rental driveway protection

You only have an 8-inch step up to the bin. But with my competitors bins you will be dangerously lifting heavy debris 3-8 feet over the top. 

5. How offensive and embarrassing will your dumpster look to my neighbors? 

Your dumpster is clean, freshly painted, and compact. Your neighbors will likely be asking about how they can get one for their house. 

Austin dumpster rental driveway protection

6. How do you handle delivering under low power lines, slopes, or tight spaces? 

Your delivery truck is a clean regular-sized truck that can easily maneuver in tight spaces, down sloped streets, and under low hanging obstructions. 

Austin dumpster rental driveway protection

My competitors will be using a semi-truck to deliver a bin which is dangerous in residential neighborhoods. 

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