A 20-yard bin rental saves you 4+ trips to the landfill with a standard 5-yard trailer.


Let’s say you are a top remodeling contractor in Austin Texas using a DIY trailer solution. Every hour that your team spends messing with a trailer, takes away from the time these skilled workers could be more productive.

Their time is best used on the “bread-n-butter” part of you main job. That means spending more days on project. If you switch from a trash dump trailer to a roll off construction trash box, your guys get more time on the important parts of the construction and residential demolition project. That means you get the job done faster, you can do more design and build projects per year. You make more money.

Using a Austin waste management company shortens your project timeline and all the monthly hard overhead costs. Plus, if you have multiple job sites and one dump trailer, then you cannot be at other jobs sites, which slows down productivity. You can have a waste container at each site.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the differences on trailer versus rolloff.

Bin Rental Process:  1-touch 1-time:

  1. Quickly remove waste from building. Load it into the bin.

DIY Trailer Process:  5-touches, 4-times = 20X more labor:

  1. Remove rubbish and pile it up.
  2. Pick up pile and load it into the trailer once it is available.
  3. Take the dump trailer to the landfill site.
  4. Slowly remove garbage from the trailer without injury.
  5. Take the rubbish trailer back to the project.

Repeat 1-5 another 4+ times total to equal a 20-yard roll off box.

What is the labor costs for 3 men to use a trailer vs rolloff?

  • Trailer rental fee = $??
  • 3 workers x $10/hr x 3 hours extra each trash trailer full x 4 trailers = $300
  • $90 garbage landfill enter fee x 4 trips = $360
  • 50 miles round trip x 4 = $48
  • Total DIY dump trailer costs for 20yd of garbage: $708

By now you can see the actual costs to run a trash trailer versus rolloff bin rental on the construction job site. A big difference is that a trash bin rental is a lot less hassle. With a garbage container it is much easier to keep control over your team and your construction project.

No flat tires, no broken tail lights, no wondering if the workers are goofing off and delaying returning to the job site. 

Why don’t more Austin contractors use rolloff bin rental? Probably because they have been burned before by waste management companies companies who don’t follow through on their promises, or who provide unsightly rolloffs that damage the client’s property.

What does it all mean?

The Austin garbage collection industry is changing and you can have a good experience.

I hope you find the information valuable, and if you have any questions please call my office at 512-774-5666.

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