What Are the Penalties of Illegal Dumping?

Several states in America have a department of environmental quality or a department that is almost similar, which addresses unlawful dumping and littering. Illinois’ Environmental Protection Agency highlights a lot about wastes. It includes waste disposal and recycling. That’s why you need to get a dumpster rental from Austin  

Unlawful dumping occurs a lot of times, but it isn’t allowed. Here are some reasons why it happens:

  • Exorbitant disposal prices.
  • Lack of public awareness.
  • The environment and people’s health are at risk.
  • Poor suitable choices.
  • Lack of understanding of the current laws. 

Regardless of the cause, the consequences of illegal dumping are severe. The Austin Texas EPA collaborates with other departments to prevent unlawful dumping so that it doesn’t jeopardize environmental and public health standards. 

Fire is also regarded as a risk because of the impulsive burning of dangerous substances. Illegal dumping is known to affect drainage systems, which later leads to floods. The quality of life is also reduced when illegal dumping becomes the norm, especially if the dump has old barrels, lethal chemicals, and junk tires. 

Usually, littering is seen as a minor offense while banned dumping is viewed as a serious crime that you may find yourself jailed or fined heavily. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated there are 100 million tons of trash that have been illegally dumped. It indicates a problem that may be avoided if illegal dumping was ceased. 

For instance, the Austin Texas EPA is supposed to stop illegal dumping from becoming a danger to the atmosphere and the public. Preventing the trash from becoming more significant helps stop possible ailments or disasters. It is a problem that is handled by the taxpayers and needs to be addressed in educational institutions and public forums that support local communities with financial support. 

Texas taxpayers have less than $10 million yearly on crucial programs that can help eradicate litter and clear garbage. In Texas, jail time and hefty fines have been put in place to curb the problem. Illegal dumping is a felony violation. 

The apparent effect of illegal dumping is it makes the environment look ugly and disgusting. The appearance affects the worth of homes in the neighborhood as well as the general mood of the residents. It can also lead to damage to valuable property. It costs money to get rid of the garbage and fix the damaged property. Even businesses lose money from the dump. Not only does it affect the people but also the one responsible for disposing of waste. It costs money because he/she is a taxpayer too. Taxes are supposed to be used to clean up the garbage instead of citizens doing it. 

Big companies are also responsible for small businesses for illegal dumping. For example, AT&T has several warehouses and centers in California which have been well-known to dispose of trash illegally. Dumposaurus is also playing its role in keeping Austin, Texas, clean by offering roll-off dumpsters that are reasonably priced. They are ideal for commercial and residential use. You can check https://www.dumposaurus.com/.

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