Tarrytown zip code is 78703 and it is in MLS area 1B. Easy access to the downtown business and entertainment districts in Austin are possible from this location. You can also go easily to the State Capitol, the University of Texas, and MoPac for more of a direct south or north route. Similar neighborhoods that are nearby are the Old West Austin neighborhoods of Pemberton Heights, Clarksville, Allandale, Bryker Woods, and Old Enfield. Your home in Tarrytown will be zoned for the Austin Independent School District, and has several public schools, with the Girl’s School of Austin within its limits. This central location also makes it a quick commute to many other private schools.

One distinguishing feature of Tarrytown is its many natural surroundings. You will find Lake Austin and three parks in this area. Go to Triangle Park in Tarrytown Park for a baseball field that has active play, a creek that winds through its many acres of nature, as well as a playscape for kids. You will find both a stream and a pool for summertime fun in Reed Park, as well as a playground and hiking and jogging trails. The West Enfield Park is popular with parents who have young children, as it gives you views of the MoPac train that runs hourly. You will also find a pool, playfields and a playscape. Popular stops are the Howson Branch Public Library and the West Austin Youth Association.

At the far north of Tarrytown, you will find the Mayfield Preserve, which has roaming peacocks, koi ponds, and is a delightful place for picnics. Deep Eddy Pool is spring-fed, has a fascinating history and a swimming horse display is nearby, as also the Lions Municipal Golf course. Lake Austin has a constant water level, which allows watersports galore, and makes for a major draw in central Texas. Walsh Boat Landing is one of the public boat launches in Lake Austin that is one of its oldest and is also a center for popular restaurants at the waterfront that include Mozart’s Coffee and Hula Hut. Attend classes and see the displays at the beautiful location of the Austin Museum of Arts.

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