Have you ever been fed-up with your car not fitting in the garage? Is it difficult to close your storage room door?  Have you had to remove unwanted possessions when moving houses, doing a yard clean-up, disaster restoration, or a home renovation? 

Me too. My name is Shawn Mansur.

Here is my dumpster rental story…

My story starts when my Grandfather passed away in El Paso. We moved my Grandmother across Texas for Mom and Dad to care for her. Moving was a struggle. My grandparents built and lived in their home since 1961. The house sat vacant for a year until we were emotionally prepared to remodel and sell. 

On a late hot summer night, Mom received a frantic call from the next door neighbor. She exclaimed, “The house just flooded!” Immediately Mom searched online and called for a disaster restoration in El Paso – 600 miles away. 

This is when we realized we must take action, sort through 50 years of memories, clean up the overgrown landscaping, stuffed storage, and what used to be a garage. Have you ever been there, done that?

Here is the catch. We had no idea how to properly dispose of it all. Mom talked to the neighbor’s husband about borrowing the truck. He said we would need to make several trips to the recycling center and landfill. He explained how much time we would waste with each trip.  How expensive disposal fees are each trip. Then he asked, what about doing a dumpster rental for your junk removal?

Never before had we considered renting a dumpster. When Mom started researching online we were afraid of having an embarrassing dirty, ugly, and stinky junk removal dumpster rental sitting in the driveway for all the neighbors to see. 

That is why it was a pleasant surprise to find a husband and wife team who stood out from the crowd – Tony and Sylvia. 

When Silvia answered the phone she was friendly and helpful. She explained how their dumpsters were clean, well maintained, and freshly painted. How nobody else uses a driveway protection system so the dumpster never touches, cracks or damages the driveway. How their truck can deliver the bin into tight spaces that the competitors can’t. How Tony sweeps-up when he picks-up the bin. How their pricing is all inclusive with no surprises. As imagined, we chose Tony and Sylvia. Our experience was remarkable! 

Tony and Silvia helped us sort through this difficult time. They made a difference in my family’s life with something as simple as a junk removal dumpster rental. A fire sparked within me. A vision appeared. I began seeing myself making a difference by helping families in our community to clean-out and clean-up their homes.  

My mission to start-up a weird little locally owned Austin service began. Today we are Dumposaurus, Austin’s fast, friendly and fair Austin dumpster rental and junk removal service.

My wife Shelley and I had a goal of bringing my parents to Austin. And because of our company, we were able to move them here in 2017. Our kids Scarlett and Sterling will get to spend quality time with my Mom and Dad, like I did with my grandparents in El Paso. 

What exactly is a client friendly dumpster rental? 

A client friendly dumpster is one that creates a ‘WOW’ experience that makes you a raving fan or your money back. 

Client friendly dumpsters are different than the everyone else in 7 important ways: 

1. Weird. Unique junk removal system that protects your driveway. 

2. Easy. Walk-in loading with our rear double-doors. 

3. Clean. Well maintained dumpsters so you feel good. 

4. Save time. Save money. Even the smallest container can save you 4-truckload trips to the rural junkyard or recycling station. Learn how to choose the right dumpster size of 4, 10, 14, 20, 30 or 40 cubic yards. 

5. Custom. Delivery design fits the bin into any driveway or small space. You do not even need to be there for the drop-off. When we pick-up we will sweep-up before we leave. 

6. Convenient. Reliable. Friendly bonded-and-insured heroes will drop-off and pick-up the dumpster with one easy call. 

7. Local. Family owned. Green. Charitable. With every dumpster rental, Dumposaurus gives a portion of the profit to our charity of the month.

Limited. Reserve early. We will do everything possible to meet your deadlines. If we cannot help you as quickly as you desire – or if you are outside our service area – we will gladly refer you to another honest, competent junk removal Austin pro. 

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