Why am I offering a $150 bonus savings?

There are two reasons: 1. I needed a way to get your attention, and 2. I have something important to share with you. I believe the Dumposaurus difference will help make your job easier and less stressful. Before I get into that, let me introduce myself.

Hello. I’m Shawn Mansur, the Founder of Dumposaurus. My goal for 2023 is to work on building relationships with people on my Dream 100 Client list. You received a postcard invite to this page. Why? Because I believe you are one of my dream clients.

I would love the opportunity to bring you lunch. I want to get to know my Dumposaurus clients to serve you better. Feel free to call the office anytime at 512-774-5666.

Let me share the Dumposaurus differences that will help your projects run better!

Dumposaurus Roll Off Dumpster Rental Austin Texas Shawn

Easy, Responsive Communication Every Time

As a VIP client be able to reach us via Phone, Text, Email, Facebook Messenger or whatever you preferred communication method. No phone trees. Our goal is to be very responsive.

We have four people in the office dedicated to responding to your requests. One is my wife, Shelley. Then there is my Mom, Violet. Plus, we have Emily, who usually handles operations during the day. Next is our Office Manager, Jeremy. Funny enough, Jeremy’s grandparents were my next-door neighbors when I was a kid in El Paso, TX. He is like family. This is a family-run business.

We have a proprietary dumpster software where the driver can send you an “on the way” text whenever he is headed to your site. This can give you and your crew peace of mind that everything is in order.

We document everything to protect you, and us. We have GPS on the trucks, we take photos of the bin on site at delivery. We document any hazards. When we dump the bin, we take a picture of the weight scale charge. It should give you peace of mind that we can back things up if you need.

Free Up Job Site Space & Pack More Debris In Efficient Dumposaurus Cans

You’ll get back 1-more parking space when you use a Dumposaurus 20-yd compared to a competitor’s 20-yd!

A. Our rear doors only requires 4ft to open. Competitor single door bins require 8ft to open. Saving you 4ft. You crews will pack a bin better with an open door compared to just throwing debris over the bin walls. Saving you on bin switch out costs.

B. We use Square bottom bins instead of V Tub bottoms. Competitor V Tub shaped bins are not as efficient, so they have to be longer get the same cubic yards. A Dumposaurus 20-yd is 12 ft long. The competitor’s V Tub style bin will be 16, 18 or 22 ft long.

C. No wasted space in Dumposaurus bins. V Tub style bins result in more wasted space inside the dumpster. For example, what shape are moving boxes at U-Haul? Are they V shaped or rectangle? Right! Everything packs more efficiently in a rectangle. Tubs should be reserved for liquids only.

D. Our trucks deliver more accurately into tight lots. Our drivers can free up 1-side of the driveway instead of parking diagonal across the line. We can get closer to that garage where you want it parked. And we can place it straight. We have a 5-20yd truck for small spaces and a larger truck for 30-yard bins. Competitors rarely have both small and large trucks.

Reduce neighbor complaints when you use the job site space more efficiently! More people can park in the driveway. More room for materials. Less parking down the street. Win-win-win.

Neighbor Friendly Trash Containment

Most dumpsters look terrible. Beat up, bad paint, graffiti, and just begging for HOA or neighbor complaints. Avoid opening yourself up to complaints with clean dumpsters that are painted yearly.

A clean looking trash containment system:

  • Makes you look good to the neighborhood (your referral farm).
  • Clients associate a clean job site with higher quality work (dirty job site = more client questions about quality).
  • Reduces neighbor aggravation about the eyesore in your clients driveway.
  • We’ve also seen that clean bins result in less illegal dumping in the box you rented.

Still working like a Neanderthal with plywood trash boxes? Move on into 2022. Look like a classy professional.

A Dumposaurus bin on site turns into a conversation piece with neighbors. We commonly have parents asking to take pictures in front of the dumpster for their kids… because of the dinosaur theme. We keep little Dumposaurus logo stickers in the trucks to hand out when we are stopped by families. Yep, it’s a real thing.

Avoid Property Damage Accusations with DinoTraks

Most dumpster rental companies don’t treat your client’s property with respect. They drag and roll steel across the driveway. It can result in property damage accusations.

In 2014 I started my first dumpster company in Austin. We were the first to start offering driveway protection. I sold that company in 2017 because it was part of a franchise. I found out I didn’t like franchises and how they limited my growth. Now I can say I’ve been there, dumped that. Hehe. Anyway, I had a lot of bin companies try to duplicate what I was doing. Frankly, they could do a lot better.

You’ll see competitors using junky 2×6 boards to attempt driveway protection. Don’t settle for the junky 2×6 boards.

At Dumposaurus, we build 18x18in subfloor with bumpers. We paint the DinoTraks. And make them look darn good! It doesn’t look like an afterthought. They look and function incredibly better than other imitations.

They’re called DinoTraks. The DinoTrak Bin Floatation system makes it so the dumpster never touches the pavement. They can also help level out the container. We place a DinoTrak under each roller in the back. Plus, one under each leg in the front for maximum protection.

It is a small gesture, that provides the next level of professionalism, and respect to your client. Don’t forget to ask for DinoTraks when you order a bin. You’ll love this system.

Delivery Where Competitors Cannot Safely or Effectively Work

People call them roll-offs because they have wheels. Many companies should not deliver on slopes because the container can creep down the hill causing damage. Plus the uneven surface creates challenges when pulling the container onto the truck.

Our equipment is built to function on slopes and small spots. Plus we use DinoTrak bumpers to prevent any unintended dumpster rolling.

What is the disadvantage of working with Dumposaurus?

You’ve heard all the cool advantages of hiring Dumposaurus. Let me be transparent about where we are not the right fit. Here is where we struggle.

As far as these disadvantages go, they also exist with our competitors. We just like to be upfront about it. If you are trying to do something like get rid of a bunch of concrete, the better choice is probably an 18-wheel aggregate hauler, not a dumpster.

We did have some service problems in 2021.

At the time we had a single dump truck. I ordered a second dump truck in 2020, but it took almost a year to arrive. About 10 months after ordering the second truck, the engine blew on our first truck. The first truck was only 1/2 through its expected life. Which made us reliant upon competitor friends to help service our clients for about 30 days.

This was very frustrating.

I believe in taking massive action to prevent problems. And I did. By April 2022, we had four dump trucks. This helps ensure we deliver reliable service.

Meet the Herd of Dumposaurus Transporters

Longneck was born October 2021. She comes from the Kenworth species. Dennis is the first wrangler to work on taming Longneck. Longneck isn’t good around the little Dumposaurus bins. Longneck transports the 15yd Brachiosaurus, 20yd Triceratops, and 30yd Tyrannosaurus boxes. Longneck is our first 30yd transporter.

Chompy was born October 2021. She comes from the Ford F600 species. Chompy is a little bigger in size than Fossil. Bill is the first wrangler to work on taming SharpTooth. She transports the 5yd Pterodactyl, 10yd Stegosaurus, 15yd Brachiosaurus, and 20yd Triceratops.

Fossil was born June 2015. She comes from the Ford F550 species. Bryan is the first wrangler to work on taming. For the last few years both Bryan and Bill have been taming Fossil. Unfortunately, Fossil died in 2021 after many trips to the hospital to treat her chronic diseases. She recently underwent major surgery. We replaced her engine to bring her back to life. These days, Fossil is semi-retired. When Fossil transports, she moves 5yd Pterodactyl, 10yd Stegosaurus, 15yd Brachiosaurus, and 20yd Triceratops.

SharpTooth was born April 2022. She comes from the Kenworth species. SharpTooth is a little smaller in size than Longneck. Rashaad is the first wrangler to work on taming SharpTooth. She transports the 5yd Pterodactyl, 10yd Stegosaurus, 15yd Brachiosaurus, and 20yd Triceratops.

What You Get With Dumposaurus!

You’ve just discovered many of the cool differences Dumposaurus has compared to the other guys. There is a lot! So let’s recap it all in a nutshell. Here is the Dumposaurus benefit:

  • Easy responsive communication every time you rent.
  • A job site space saving dumpster that has a more efficient footprint.
  • A 4ft double door for more space when opening and packing the can. 
  • Neighborhood friendly trash containment with a clean looking bin.
  • Available DinoTrak driveway floatation system for property damage protection.
  • Delivery to sloped and small spots where competitors cannot safely work.
  • Friendly service from a local Austin family owned and operated business.

As a VIP you get the VIP EXPRESS package, for the price of the BUDGET package. Now and later. Yep, you get to pay what we charged in 2014, even though we are in 2023!

You Save $100 Each Rental As A VIP!

VIP Express Package Extras – Not In Budget Package

  • 2,000 lbs more weight
  • 7 days more rental time
  • Priority delivery and pick up timeframe
  • Clean sweep area on removal
  • DinoTrak driveway protection (as requested)

The following chart shows the details on different sizes. Pricing is based on delivery to Austin. Distance fees may apply to surrounding cities. You can check out the non-VIP Price & Order page here.

VIP Express Package Includes

NameYardsPoundsDaysDiscounted Price

Here is Where the $150 Voucher Comes In!

When you claim your $150 voucher, you get 20 days of extra rental. That’s 30 days total, before any daily rent.

In total as a VIP, you get $100 savings off the Express package ongoing. Plus, $150 of extra days (one time) when you claim your voucher.

You SAVE $250 total off your first rental!

We do have some contractors who use us frequently and consistently enough that we continually give them extra days vouchers. This is something we could certainly visit about more. Why don’t you let me bring you lunch?

Why did I start Dumposaurus?

As you can see, I’m serious about taking things to the next level in the dumpster business. It is something I’m very passionate about.

Here is my story…

My first dumpster rental experience was needing to clean out my Grandparents house in El Paso after Grandad passed. We were sad. But the family who provided the dumpster service, gave us an experience different than expected. It wasn’t your typical nasty dumpster service.

I feel like they provided us “relief” in a tough time. They made the process easy, and were very respectful of the property. I wanted to bring this experience back to Austin. I thought it would really help people.

In 2014 I launched a franchise bin rental company in Austin TX. We grew fantastically despite the fact that we were held back and handcuffed in nearly every way by the franchisor. I’m happy to explain the strange predicament in person. You’ll be amazed.

January 2017 I sold the company. I can now officially say that I’ve Been There, Dumped That. I spent the next two years starting and growing my other company, Stellrr Insulation where we change lives by cleansing homes. As of February 2019 I started Dumposaurus, after my non-compete contract expired. Finally, it is time that I get to do things right.

My mission, has always been to change lives.

I believe that with Dumposaurus we are able to change lives by helping contractors cleanse the home. We help provide relief in a time of cleaning out. We help get rid of items that no longer serve the owners. 

As a contractor myself, I fill a dumpster 2-3 times per week as we vacuum out insulation from our client’s homes. I understand the need for the dumpster service to be delivered, swapped out, and picked up on time. I understand many of the other challenges you face with trash on a regular basis. 

I have built Dumposaurus to problem solve the unique challenges contractors face with disposal. I believe this helps us deliver better service to you. I hope that you will join us as we grow. Let us help you change the lives of your clients. Feel free to call the office at 512-774-5666.

With gratitude,


P.S. I almost forgot to mention…

With every dumpster rental, we plant a tree in your honor. One-for-one. 

Why? We would love to recycle everything that goes in a dumpster. But the truth is that there will always be waste. So, one thing we can do to combat the waste, is start a new life. Planting a tree for every dumpster will help offset the negative over time. 

If you think that Dumposaurus could be helpful to your company, please let me know. Again, I’m happy to bring you lunch sometime. I’d love to learn more about your trash situation and see how I can more effectively help you. Thanks for you time. I look forward to serving you.